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    Default Pheromone Research News; September, 2001

    The Pheromone News -

    September 2001

    Letter from the Prez:

    Hello Readers,
    This is my third attempt at sending the September News. Most of you are seeing it for the first time. For about 10% of you, this is your third issue. Very sorry about that, and for being so late for the those who are seeing it for the first time. Dale has come up with a good issue though, so please give it a read and send in a survey when you get a moment.

    A lot has happened since I wrote in this space last. We send our heartfelt condolences to those who have suffered personal losses in the tragic attacks, and our full support to all those who are actively engaged in ridding the Earth of terrorism.

    I would specifically like to mention that the readership of this newsletter stretches to every corner of the globe, with the vast majority of nations represented. I have been in communication recently with readers in Pakistan, India, the United Emirates, Qatar, the UK, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Canada, Mexico, S. Africa and many others, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them for their words of support and also to the support shown by the many governments of the world who have come to the aid of the US in this difficult hour. God bless you all, and now, more than ever....
    Don\'t forget to smile at someone today!
    Bruce Boyd
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    Dale Andrews
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    *Last Month\'s Survey & Contest Results
    *Pheromone Q and A
    *Feature Article: Pheromone Research
    *This month\'s \"Free Pheromones\" Survey/Contest
    *New Products
    *User Corner - Reader Pheromone Stories


    There were 153 responses to August\'s survey question. This month\'s winners are:

    Barb, Dennis and \"robbitaly\"

    They will each receive their choice of Love Scent products totaling $30 or less.


    Last month, we asked readers about the signals of attraction - how they know someone finds them attractive.

    Overwhelmingly, both males and females said the eyes are the biggest giveaway. Many readers told us that when someone is attracted to them, they might notice longer looks, extra eye contact or outright stares, dilated pupils, or even \"smiling\" eyes. Lack of eye contact can also be a sign - some readers noted that people might go out of their way to avoid eye contact when they\'re attracted. Other signs include increased talkativeness, standing closer than is necessary, or blushing.

    We also asked readers about the signals they give out when they\'re attracted to another person. Here again the eyes were an important factor. However, many female readers said they also signal their interest by asking questions, smiling, or willingly holding a conversation with the other person. More men than women said they would come right out and say they find someone attractive.


    1. How do you know whether someone finds you attractive?

    - Generally it is the eyes. Pupils dilate, and the eyes are \"smiling\" when someone likes you.
    - They like to put themselves in close proximity to me and give an occasional slight touch to my shoulder or arm.
    - If (her) gaze lasts longer than a few seconds, then she looks down before away, I know that\'s a good sign, and I don\'t question anything else from there on unless I do something really stupid. If she looks away quickly *and* doesn\'t look back, or looks away to the side, then she is telling me that there will be no next step.
    - For some reason they also often mention their boyfriends, whether they have one or not. I guess it creates a sense of competition in a male.
    - Watch to see if they look down toward the floor within a few seconds. Typically down and to the left. This body language signal of interest is universal. Also, watch for pupil dilation and touches on the arm.

    - You can always tell if a man\'s interested by their eyes! If they\'re looking deep into your eyes, or if their eyes keep shifting up and down your body, you know they\'re checking you out.
    - I know when they start gaping. Then they buzz around like a bee, and when you notice them, they are a bit embarrassed.
    - I know if someone is attracted to me if they keep staring at me and when I stare back, they try to look away quickly or they\'ll come over to me and ask why I was staring at them (guys are so weird).
    - It could either be as bold as a stare or as subtle as a side-glance. It\'s not just the look but the unspoken meaning behind the look.
    - A dead give away is body language. Lots of eye contact. Huge smiles. Touching and being close.

    2. How do others know that YOU find them attractive?

    - I will try to glance at them and smile. Then look a little longer, without staring. If they seem interested, I will try to begin a conversation. I will try to look them in the eye but if I am nervous, I find that I fidget and look away or look down (at the floor) occasionally.
    - I try and look them square in the eyes when I am talking to them or listening. At times I even try to give them a brief touch on the hand or arm.
    - I will mention something distinctive about them that I find interesting or stimulating.
    - I usually smile a lot and flirt with them, make jokes with them, tell them they have nice eyes.
    - Constant, direct eye contact when with her, how close I stand to her.

    - A man can tell I\'m attracted if I walk up first and initiate the conversation. I am so much more outgoing and flirtatious if I\'m interested.
    - I am a true believer of eye contact and I will smile, not a big smile but a kind of \"I like what I see\" smile.
    - I try to not look at them, I try to speak as little as possible to/with them, but if they are interested in me I will still pretend to not be attracted to them. It\'s like my own little game.
    - A few brief eye contacts and then suddenly becoming very interested in those I am with or around me and ignoring further attempts at eye contact.
    - I ask probing, intelligent questions and give him my undivided attention.
    - Then there\'s the touching...a little tap on the shoulder, standing close to the person when I\'m talking to him.


    Q: I just recently applied for university. I knew I had a pretty good chance of getting in. My grades weren\'t all that, but my SATs were somewhat up there. Anyhow, I wrote my application and applied some Pheromol Factor on the pages and envelope, and also rubbed on some Primal Instinct. Not too much so it wouldn\'t stain. Anyway, I got accepted. Could pheromones really last that long when applied to paper? Was this a result of the pheromones? Just wanted your opinion.


    A: Congratulations on the acceptance. I am quite sure pheromones last long enough on a letter to reach the recipient. Some readers have reported that pheromones seem to last as long as a week on cotton shirts, and even longer on paper. One reader even conducted his own test and applied pheromones to a letter addressed to himself. When it arrived four days later, he could still smell the pheromone \'scent.\'

    I have even seen some stories around about collection agencies using a small (probably subliminal) amount of androstenone to influence their prey.

    If anyone is planning to apply pheromones to their letters or documents, I would recommend that you be careful not to use too much, because the cologne part will fade more quickly than the pheromones.

    Good luck and don\'t forget to smile!

    All the Best,

    Bruce Boyd
    Pheromone News
    Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.

    by Dale Andrews

    The author and scientist James Kohl talks about the role of odor and pheromones
    NOTE: James Kohl is author of the definitive work on pheromones, \"the Scent of Eros.\"

    Do pheromones play the primary role in determining our behavior? In 1995, author James Kohl suggested just that. His book, The Scent of Eros: Mysteries of Odor in Human Sexuality, was popular among everyday readers but also met with some skepticism from certain academics and researchers.

    \"When it comes to the involvement of pheromones in human behavior, there\'s a tremendous faction that really doesn\'t want to acknowledge the connection. We\'re supposed to be above odor-driven behavior. They\'d rather not see research presented that links us so clearly to animals,\" says Kohl.

    Yet, says Kohl, there is more and more evidence that humans are primarily influenced by odors. Furthermore, he says, there is really no scientific proof that our other senses, like sight and hearing, are the main driver behind behaviors like sexual reproduction.

    Our visual responses are actually shaped by our exposure to odors or pheromones, Kohl argues. So, when we perk up at the sight of that shapely blonde or a tall, dark and handsome man, it\'s a conditioned response that has its root in our exposure to pheromones. Blonde women and tall, dark haired men secrete more favorable pheromone signatures, so people are conditioned to become attracted to them on sight, says Kohl.

    \"There is research showing that pheromone exposure can light up that area of the brain strongly associated with vision. That area is getting a jolt, and over time you have these conditioned responses,\" says Kohl.

    The argument is reinforced by studies as far back as the 1970s showing that people born blind, deaf or dumb can still exhibit normal reproductive sexual behavior; people born with no sense of smell, however, tend to show diminished sexual behavior.

    Since Kohl\'s book was first published, researchers have even shown a link between pheromones and hormones - our odors can actually affect the hormones of other people. With that link established, says Kohl, you can conclude that pheromones affect human behavior.

    When it comes to reproductive sexual behavior, mammals rely on something called hypothalamic gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH is produced in the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) and is used to control the production of gonadotropins in the pituitary gland. Gonadotropins are responsible for stimulating the production of sex hormones.

    While it\'s impossible to accurately measure GnRH in humans, research has now shown a link between pheromone exposure and the levels of two types of gonadotropin - luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) - as well as testosterone. In one well-publicized study in 1998, researchers discovered that female pheromones could alter the timing of the ovulatory LH surge, thus demonstrating why women in college dorms can develop similar menstrual cycles. Another study in 2001 showed that male underarm secretions could affect LH levels in women.

    \"Luteinizing hormone (LH) is in fact the link between sex and smell. The bottom line is that once you show the connection between pheromones and hormones, you\'ve shown the connection between pheromones and behavior,\" says Kohl.

    Many pheromone naysayers have centered their arguments around the vomeronasal organ (VNO), which in most mammals is responsible for detecting pheromones. The VNO is located in the nose and there is still debate over its functionality in adult humans. Now, new research is suggesting that humans (and certain other mammals like pigs) may be able to sense pheromones without using the VNO. And in August 2001, researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden published a study in which they discovered certain androgens and estrogens (or pheromones) did in fact stimulate the hypothalamus of men and women.

    With so much convincing new evidence since 1995, Kohl has decided to publish an updated version of The Scent of Eros with an added chapter covering the new research. Yet, the book\'s original information is still valid - in fact, the newest research has simply reinforced what Kohl wrote in 1995.

    \"The general tone of the book was somewhat speculative, or predictive. Now, research has confirmed a lot of what I was talking about then,\" says Kohl. The new version of his book will be available by the end of the year.

    Despite continuing new research showing the role of pheromones and odor, it\'s still an uphill battle to convince many researchers and academics that their long-held beliefs about human behavior may be wrong, says Kohl.

    \"There are some that\'ll never be convinced, but I think there\'s a new generation of researchers that can and will accept these ideas,\" he adds.

    \"In the epilogue of my book, I included a quotation I think really says it all. It\'s by Max Planck, and he basically says that any new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light. Rather, its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that\'s familiar with it,\" concludes Kohl.

    Survey/Contest time!


    We\'ve all heard the saying, \"It\'s what\'s inside that counts.\"

    Yet, a quick look at any magazine rack will reveal countless attractive models draped in the latest \"must have\" fashions. Flip through the television channels and you\'ll see more of the same - actors, singers and musicians wearing the latest, most outrageously expensive clothes and setting a standard for the rest of the world to follow.

    To further complicate things, there are different fashions for every setting. Even the trendiest ski jacket and snow boots might bring raised eyebrows in a bar filled with expensive Italian suits. A female friend of the editor\'s once admitted she\'ll always brush off any male wearing runners in a bar or nightclub.

    How important, then, is style and fashion to you? Would you date someone wearing last year\'s suit or skirt? Would you consider dating someone wearing a style that would never see the inside of your own closet?

    In other words, do clothes really make the man or woman?


    1. Would you ever date someone who wears clothing you think is out of style? Why or why not?

    2. What \"fashion don\'ts\" would cause you to look away in horror and avoid eye contact at any cost? List as many as you like.

    3. Would you ever date someone whose style was extremely different from your own? Why or why not?

    4. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most important), how important are fashion and style in your own life?


    Send your answer to: <>
    Please don\'t mail this entire newsletter back to us (for many reasons).
    As usual, we will pick prize winners *at random* from the survey entries at
    the rate of at least 1 per 50 entries, with a minimum of 2 winners each
    month. Last time there were 153 entries and 3 winners, which gave entrants a 1 in 51 chance of winning!

    Once again, send your completed survey to: <>

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    The Alexander Institute in Southern California has released a new series of instructional videos for couples.

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    User Corner

    Finally just had to try these things out. I am SOOO glad I did! I purchased Alter Ego about two weeks ago, and I can\'t believe the difference in how people treat me. I am truly and completely grateful to all who helped me make the decision - it has truly changed my life. The very first time I tried it, I went out with a friend to a local nightclub that we\'ve been frequenting for years. For two years, I didn\'t have one significant experience there, but the first time I went there wearing AE, I got two phone numbers, and one of those numbers turned into a date which has since turned into a pretty cool \"light\" relationship (we spend about two days a week together) and I am HAPPY!!!


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    Default Re: Pheromone Research News; September, 2001

    I am really new to pheromones. I have purchased \"Lure\" and \"Pure Instinct.\"

    Lure I find works great, but I haven\'t tried Pure Instinct yet. I can\'t even find any information about it. Can you please tell me, if anything, what is known about Pure instinct. Thanks........

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