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    Default Timing is everything?

    Here\'s a question for those of you with signficant others -- do you think get different/stronger responses to pheros when it\'s \"that time of the month\" + two weeks? A lot of evolutionary psychology studies and some pheromone studies suggest a much greater effect if the woman is ovulating.

    I don\'t have much experience with pheros outside of my reading studies yet, but the one possible hit I had with the woman I am dating occurred about two days before she was ovulating. (I suffer from Nice Guy Syndrome, so this information is freely volunteered without the option of doing anything about it. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] ) Otherwise they seem to have no effect on her.

    I would be very interested to know what others have seen, especially if you have a sense of the phero/non-phero reaction.

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    Default Re: Timing is everything?

    Hey scientist,

    Yes they´ve done experiments like this. And it makes sense too because womens ( in general speaking) sex drive increases during this time ie the two weeks before menstruation, so I suppose it would make a woman automatically more receptive or they sem more receptive because they´re looking for sex more.

    They also did that experiment with two groups of women where one group took the pill and the other did not. They sprayed some pheros onto certain products in a shop.The first group responded better. However there is a small problem because say if any of the second group were gay, the of course wouldn t be so into the pheros, (I think it was a -none product they used) plus a gay woman would not need to take the pill.

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    Default Re: Timing is everything?

    According to my \'scientific research\' [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] a woman will ovulate 14 days before her next menstrual period - so if she has a 30-day cycle, ovulation would occur 16 days after the previous period, not 14.

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