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    What do you guys do about refreshing?

    I am using the 70-30 combo of APC/NPA and I spray it once in my hair then my shirt and that seems to work well.. but what is your view on refreshing? .. Do you guys spray again later on or what.

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    I wouldn\'t do it until way later on and even then just one spray to the hair and comb it through. Don\'t over do this stuff because it works well but if you over do it it will make chicks run from you. I mean it would be too much androstenone. Just take it light. This is what I\'ve learned, if the mones are working leave them alone, put no more on. You\'ll still have residuals for awhile too if you spray on clothes so be wary.

    By the way tell us what happened when the stuff started working and you finally knew it. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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