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    Default DOG in the Headlight!

    Hi everybody!

    This is my first post ever and I just want to let you all know what happened to me my very first time I used Primal Instinct!

    I got my blue bottle today and out of curiosity, i tried to get 1 drop out of the bottle \'coz i can\'t figure out how to use the dropper. So when i finally got 1 drop, i didn\'t want to waste it so i put it up behind my ears. I\'m not expecting anything coz that was about 5pm when i got home and the only thing left for me to do is my daily jogging and i know i\'m not gonna meet any girls along the way. BUT !!!......

    when i started to run outside the neighborhood, a big male dog was running crazy after me and I stopped and so scared but i prepared to tackle him coz i thought he\'s gonna attack me!!! GEEZ!!! then he lifted both feet and started to sniff me!!! golly he won\'t stop and i really looked so stupid when the people passing by saw me trying to get rid of the dog and i\'m in my jogging outfit! so he finally got off of me so i started to walk away.

    The crazy dog just won\'t leave me alone, and he was literally running with me. He just couldn\'t get near me coz I got hold of a big stick in my hand trying to swing on him if he tries to go near me. Can u imagine how funny i looked, jogging with a big stick in hand?!!! LOL

    But it never came to my mind that its the pheros until i saw the dog just running on the sidewalk and keeps sniffing on the ground and grass like he was looking for something! That\'s when the pheros finally came into my mind and I was like \"Damn!!! The dog is attracted to me!!!!\" and i was laughing to myself.

    So what i just did was threw stones at him until he ran far away then i started to run as fast as i could in the opposite direction and he never found me anymore. and when i got home, i searched this site for any similar situation and found out that it really works for dogs and other animals too.

    I JUST HOPE IT WORKS THE SAME FOR GIRLS TOO! I\'ll find out tomorrow - my first ground test

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    Default Re: DOG in the Headlight!

    Ha haa, laugh at the boy. Seriously, some of this stuff kicks major butt. Be careful out there. I want to here what happening during your test run tommorrow. Especially if it\'s at work and you have a female boss, I\'ve had a curiousity about that. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: DOG in the Headlight!

    Awww, dude... You may have blown an opportunity... If the DOG likes you, the OWNERS are more likely to trust you (gen rule: If your dog doesn\'t like someone, don\'t trust them!). The owner may be a female, or if a male, he may have a sister, an of-age daughter, or a soon-to-be ex-girlfriend! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: DOG in the Headlight!

    Welcome. Great story. Cracked me up, just reading the title \"Dog in the Headlights\", that\'s a crack up. Before I read it, I expected you were going to say you were being pursued by a woman, but just not the one you had been hoping for.. ;^)

    Good Luck,

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    Default Re: DOG in the Headlight!


    Thanks for the replies everyone! Nice to have Bruce here, now i know why your customers like u so much! Actually I laughed myself while I was typing the topic :\"DOG In the Headlights\"!

    I just hope I knew who\'s the owner of that dog coz he just came out of nowhere and pursued me! I never seen that dog before although I go around the same route everyday.

    Well, I\'ll be running now, and I\'ll be catching HUMANS this time! LOL!!!


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    hey y\'all!

    here\'s my 1st field test:

    for sure im getting some new responses from the people i meet regularly, they\'re like more nice to talk to and all that.

    no DIHL so far but i don\'t know. actually after work, i went to the mall to test it and i encountered 2 chicks who actually looked at me but i fold and looked away so i\'m not sure how they looked at me. i didn\'t do the magic trick yet (Say hi) coz i just want to find out reactions first and how they react.


    Does PI wear off immediately after you take a bath? Coz i when i passed by a girl, and when i looked back at her, i caught her looking back at me too just before she got into the next room. This happened after I took a bath and then i had to go outside for a stroll.

    Another question, I really felt headache and as if I want to sleep the whole day while im working. Is this bec. of phero?

    One more question, If i apply PI in the morning like 9 am, would it be ok to put another drop by 5 or 6pm?

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    Default Re: DOG in the Headlight!

    Hi, Redcapp!

    Great dog story! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I cannot answer all your questions, but here is my $0.02 worth.

    I\'ve read other posts on this board that seem to indicate sleepiness is a side-effect of your body getting used to the increased amount of pheros. Yes, you too are effected by the pheros you wear.

    As for your headache, I\'ve never experienced this. I wonder if others have? [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

    As for PI wearing off after a bath, all I can say is that when I had a shirt that had both PI and e-oils on it, after the shirt was washed, my wife could still detect that phero \"smell\". [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] (she\'s very sensitive to pheros).

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