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    just a few questions that I like to know:

    -If you sitting in a bus,train etc. should the girls react on the pheromones?

    -How do you see if the pheromones do work?

    -If you have 10 girls near you how many should react?

    -Whats the max. distance to an other person to get a good reaction?

    -How much PI is an overdose?

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    I\'ll try to answer your questions one at a time as best I can.

    If you\'re on a bus sure,some of the girls will react to the pheros, but that doesn\'t necessarily mean they\'ll actually exibit any overt signs of reacting. Look for repeated leg-crossing,hair twisting,and dumb looks.But where I live girls on buses tend not to make eye contact,or any contact for that matter with strangers.

    How do you know if the pheros are working?
    If you see any of the signs above,or if you make eye contact,smile.If she smiles back, say \"Hello\",if she says \"Hello\",see if you can sit with her.If she lets you sit with her,try to think of something not-too-stupid to say,(this is the hardest part).Ask her to sniff the new cologne you\'re trying out.If she says it smells good then the pheros are working(or maybe this point ,...Who Cares!You\'ve got your foot in the door!).

    Out of ten girls I\'d guess that maybe seven would react,but only one might actually show that she\'s effected.Ordinarily one is enough for me.

    The problem with going for distance is that a phero dose sufficient to \"broadcast\",might be too much for the girl up close.A normal dose should carry throughout an entire bus (We are still on the bus,right?)through the ventilation system after a few minutes.Problem is,unless you\'re the only guy on the bus they might not know you are the donor of the pheros,so concentrate on the girls nearest you,and sit near those that interest you most.

    Anything more than one drop of PI is a potential overdose,if you have high natural Androstenone levels,even one drop may be too much!

    Good Luck! [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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