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Thread: why mix it?

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    Default why mix it?

    i have a few questions and this is one of\'em:
    i\'m not exactly sure why you need to mix the phero\'s. if androstenone is what you\'re after, why buy anything that has less than the highest concentration? wouldn\'t mixing pi with just about anything dilute the overall strength of it? even if you mixed it with andro 4.2, let\'s say, it would lessen the effect of pi. i don\'t know why anyone would use anything other THAN pi, since it\'s got the highest concentration.

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    Different products contain different percentage of androstenone, androsterone, androstenol, etc. PI has only androstenone (highest), but not others.

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    Q. Why not brush your teeth with pure Fluoride?
    A. Because a littte bit goes a LONG way.
    With some things,..More is not necessarily better.

    Many of the phero products smell BAD! And even if you find a woman who can\'t actually smell them, the pheros act on a different system than the olfactory, (the Auxiliary-Olfactory System), and too much can be a REPELLENT!

    There\'s a lot of people who\'ve been experimenting with this stuff for some time.Read back on old posts,and share their experiences.


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