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    Default affects on same sex.

    I just ordered my first bottle of pheramones, PI, and expect it soon.
    I\'m hoping it\'ll help when around women, but has anyone ever recieved unwanted attention from gay males, or perhaps hostility from straight males due to pheramone use? Basically, how do pheramones affect interaction with those of the same sex?

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    Default Re: affects on same sex.

    I\'m a very new user and one of my first experiences was a same-sex one. I was in line with my date at a open-air amusment center, there were probably 20-30 people in a large area, so most groups were separated by 6-10\' or more. This guy was not only nearby, but actually leaned on me -- had more body contact than I did the entire night with the date! I pulled away and made a low dismissive sound. He was pretty young (probably 19-20, I\'m 35) and I don\'t think he was gay. I suspect that what I experienced was a submissive male version of the DIHL -- he just went off into la-la land and got close. Would have MUCH preferred the date to do same.

    I was wearing 3 dabs of AE and a spray of TE at the time.

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    Default Re: affects on same sex.

    Most of the positive (more or less the only ones I´ve gotten so far) have been from other women. There´s a long post somewhere a few pages back.

    Plus there are one or two gay users in the forum too.

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    Default Re: affects on same sex.

    I had a female sales clerk notice my pheromone-based \'Seduce\' - but she just said that she really liked the fragrance. I don\'t know if I could say that it caused any abnormal attraction.

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