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    \" \"Pheromones\" is a high-tech product designed to program the user\'s mind/brain to increase the secretion of his own pheromone level.\"
    I read this at

    The bottles allow you to secert pheromones on your own. I dont think this is true correct?

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    no, that sounds like a scam. your body naturally secrets pheromones, but i dont know how you could tell it to turn up the output.

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    It sounds like a scam. If you want to increase your natural pheromone, then eat celery. Your body produces human pheromones, but it\'s covered by deoderant soap, deoderants, and cologne. Celery has androsterone in it.

    Your natural pheromones are secreted as sweat, but that\'s disguised by deoderant soap and deoderants. This is certainly why French men don\'t use deoderants or deoderant soap. My compromise is to look for unscented, clear deoderants, and non-deoderant soap. I am just beginning to look. First, learned about pheromones about 2 weeks ago.

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    Very unlikely to be true. Additionally, the output of your own phermones declines over time, especially past your mid 20\'s. Some pheromones may be by-products of hormone metabolism (such as testosterone) so unless they\'re boosting your body\'s internal hormones (which can be pretty dangerous) it\'s hard to believe it would work.

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