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    I\'ve read a ton of suggestions on how to use pheromones with cologne but I\'m still unclear when using a pheromone such as PI do you put the pheromone on one location and the cologne on another. So if you put a drop of PI on your neck do you spray cologne somewhere else or is it ok to spray the colgone over the same place you have the pheromone. Which pheromone is the best obviously PI is the most expensive due to the amount of pheromone you get but are there other pheromone/cologne combinations that are just as effective for equal or lesser cost. Just wondering any advice helps.

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    i dont think it really makes that big of a difference where you spray your cologne onto your body. i usually apply pheromones to my neck area and then spray cologne around my upper chest, so some of that hits my neck too. i\'m sure it\'s fine to spray cologne over the same area, and im sure it wont decrease its effectiveness by spraying the same area either.

    to find the best pheromone you have to test them out. as bruce has said, each product reacts differently to different people due to our own individual body chemistry. and the same applies to cologne, people can recommend what they like best, but it\'s important to try out a cologne on your skin and make sure you like it, cause if you dont like it then what\'s the point?

    anyone have any favorite pheromone/cologne combos to share? i\'ve been pretty happy using Dolce & Gabanna with pheromones, which someone suggested last summer.

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    Try out different combinations... whatever works for you is always the best. What might work well for some people may not work well for others. When cologne is mixed with your own personal natural scent... it can smell different. Cologne does not smell exactly the same on every person, due to different body chemistry, natural body odor, anti-perspirant, etc. Just choose a cologne that you like.. or get someone elses opinion... preferrably not the salespersons opinion, though...!

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