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    Default "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Well, I\'ve been trying new variations on the \"test\" sample of Perfect Ten that I got, and I\'ve had some pretty interesting \"hits\" with what I am tentatively calling my \"power blend\" for lack of a better term. These are just the highlights, but I think it\'s probably worth sharing:

    Wednesday (first day with the new blend), I\'m in this class I\'m taking with a bunch of other people from my work, and I\'m noticing MUCH more personability from those I am only aquainted with - thinking some of it could be related to the fact that this is the first time we\'ve all been stuffed into one room together in awhile - the atmosphere was something like what I remember experiencing during the \"introduction\" seminars at my first college....

    Later that day, TWO individuals commented positively regarding my cologne - 1 woman and 1 man. Noticed this effect before (anyone else get this?) - you wear a cologne every day for YEARS, then mix it with pheros, and only then does everyone begin to notice?

    I had to go into a meeting with some of the other designers here on Thursday, and \"re-pitch\" an idea that so far NO ONE has really liked. Get this: two sprays of my \"power blend\" and everyone in the room is suddenly on my side - and this is a first, believe me. On Friday of last week, I had to travel North about an hour (I\'m in San Diego right now) to meet with a client, and one of the new interns was asked to tag along with me to get some idea of how these meetings go. Well, half hour into the car ride, I can FEEL this girls eyes all over me while I\'m driving. Now, I\'m a happily married man with a wonderful wife and two kids - and I would never do anything to risk all that I have (I don\'t wear pheros to pick up chicks), but I must admit that the attention was flattering and it really did feel good to know that I honestly could have made a move there if I had wanted to....ah, to be young again...

    Friday I met with the client, and though they didn\'t seem to be overwhelmingly enamored with me, the intern was still hanging on every word I said...maybe this one is more up the younger guy\'s alley after all!

    Anyway, I just thought I\'d pass this on - I know everyone here is always looking for new combos and blends, etc...

    Here was the \"magic\" formula, and I measured everything with a clean childrens-syrup medicinal syringe so we don\'t have to deal with the \"dabs\", \"drops\" and \"dribbles\" incongruities:

    In an old-fashioned atomizer with a bulb sprayer and all: 1 milliliter of Perfect Ten (the bottle labeled \"P10 Concentrate\", 1 milliliter of \"New Pheromone Additive\", 1 milliliter of the \"Fragrance base\" from the Perfect ten kit, and 3 milliliters of Tommy Boy cologne (sprayed into a shotglass and then measured).

    Good luck! I\'m curious to see others\' results - this one has really been the best \"sex attractant\" blend I\'ve tried yet. It\'s not exactly what I\'m shooting for (which is more of a \"make-your-clients-feel-good-about-doing-business-with-you\" blend) but hopefully some of you younger stallions out there will get some use out of it!


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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Hmm. Once again NPA rears it\'s lovely head. Very interesting. I\'m thinking NPA will become what Edge used to be to this forum.

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Can you spray your normal dose from the atomizer and measure it for us? That would let me calculate how much pheromone was in your dose (my pet project.)

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Hi Please check the questions I wrote . .


    M A T T .

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Okay guys,

    Here goes:

    Scientist, the volume of 1 spray is 0.3 milliliters - I measured everything with a 1-ml syringe, so the numbers are pretty accurate.


    As I mentioned in my post, everything was measured with a syringe and added to the atomizer. Shake her up and go. Just 2 sprays to the outside of my clothes - no special tricks or anything [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I dosed up just before leaving for work in the morning - and that was it. Just the one time, 2 sprays. Again, I\'m not shooting for clubs and bars, so maybe you\'ll want to go bigger - I know not.

    Goodluck, Matt!

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Thanks for the response Idol . .

    So it was only that 1 time . .

    1 important question would be

    Since your application . . how long was the time interval of the application and meeting someone ?

    were u fresh ? like 10 m i n ?

    Also , like I stated with jambat .

    Does it matter what size the Spray is ?

    Is the 2 Sprays STILL PERFECT if its

    ( a 1 /3 OZ spray ? ) if I \' m going out on dates . thats 1 / 3 OZ

    And Last . . Did u spray ( Twice ) on Each Side of ur chest . . ( peectoral area ) ?

    did u try the Hair and chest ?

    or is that more effective ?


    M A T T .

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Wow! You\'re delivering quite the dose!

    Here\'s the rundown on the math:

    1 ml of P10 = 1mg (0.7 mg \'none, 0.3mg \'nol, according to Wilde Oscar.)

    1 ml NPA = 0.4 mg (don\'t know the split, 50/50?)

    Total pheros in your mix is 1.4mg, diluted in 6 ml, so your mix has .233 mg/ml.

    If each spray is .3 ml (this is 2X what the attraction and edge sprayers put out, so I\'m not sure if you mean it\'s one spray, or since you use two sprays, this is one dose, but I\'ll assume it\'s just one spray) -- and you use two sprays, that means you\'re using .6 ml of a .233 mg/ml solution. That\'s a .140 mg dose of pheromones.

    This is a HUGE number. Most would call it an overdose, but if it\'s working this well I wouldn\'t change a thing.

    FYI, This is the second-highest dose I\'ve seen a report on. The current recordholder is bubbafero\'s friend, it\'s reported that he used five sprays of attraction + NPA, for a dose of .190mg, which resulted in near-by women getting up and leaving.

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Hi idol . . I posted a couple of New

    questions regarding ur Combo . . its just above the scientist post .

    Please answer when u can .

    By the WAY . . As far as I know of . .

    scientist . . I \' m the Guy who OVERDOSED the Most

    I sprayed P 10 about anywhere from over to 60 % PURE concentrate . .

    5 fresh sprays A N D the shirt had been sprayed previously 4 times !

    So . . I \' m the current leader in the

    O D race . h e .

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Wow -- I didn\'t see a report on that.

    What happened with that big of an overdose? I would imagine you could part crowds!

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Yep it was quite an experience scientist !

    l o l . just check My thread on what

    happened . . VERY VERY WIERD .

    By the way Idol please respond to the

    questions as soon as u can .


    M A T T .

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Hey idol . . r u still around . . just keeping this page up to date and alive .

    Please answer the questions on the combo

    when u come back .

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    OK Here is an INTERESTING short story!!!
    I cant quit make heads or tails of it so you try.

    I purchased PI-none 5mg bottle. I took my 15ml Eternity for Men cologne and added 5 drops into it. Shook the hell out of it and Applied 2 drops, behind each ear.
    I go into the School Library, and notice a girl sitting in the far corner in the same isle where my books are gonna be.
    I start Lookin for my COBOL book on the shelf, and i couldnt help but notice that she takes off her shoes, ( no socks ) and starts to massage her feet!! LOL!!! a few minutes go by, and after i paced back and forth, creating a wiff of my aroma , I notice that she pulls our some cream, and starts to rub her feet with it... WoW, she was SUPER CUTE by the way.
    So i say alright, i take off from there and go to sign out a book, DAMM i forgot my Student iD card. But i couldnt help notice again, That, the library attendent, greeted me with a HUGE smile, and She let me sign out the cd rom ( Mastering Cobol ) without any form of Identification.
    Alright I say to myself....and Head To The school Tim Hortons. I grab my coffe and head outside. as im walking outside i notice this Girl TOTALLY RUBBERNECKING at me! Like i mean completly staring me down.
    So i walk towards her, and I ask her and her friend if They have an extra Smoke.
    She Hands me the smoke, and says, OK Whats your name and What course are you in??
    I say, Im in software engineering, third semester. they tell me their names and she asked me if I wanted to sit down , right beside her ( WTF im thinkin to myself. ) ( SHHHWING!!! hehe So we talked for a while, and i notices that they actually Paid attention to me in such a way that it was different for some reason!!! ( i cant really explain that one, its just the feeling ) so to end things off, i say ok i have to go home and study now, and they say, nice to meet you! and we are always in the F wing of the school! c you later.!
    Now: I think this stuff really does work.
    Mixture is really important. I AM A TOTAL NEWBIE so any advice, and comments on mixture or additional products would be Totally Appreciated!!!!!
    ( sorry this one was soo long )
    CYAH ALL!!!! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Sorry for not posting more, Matt - been wickedly busy this week, and have been out of town for the past three days with NO access to a computer at all - you never realize how much you rely on these things \'till you can\'t get your hands on them!

    I\'ve got to catch up on a million things, but I promise to post more tomorrow - got LOTS of new stories fer ya!

    Take care! [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Scientist - thanks for the numbers BTW; I\'m not surprised they were that high, I always seem to need more than others! [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: "Perfect" new combo ;-)

    Hi idol . . no prob . . cant wait to hear about ur stories , ,

    by the way when u post the stories ,

    please answer the technical questions aswell

    Also , what is the Exact size of

    ur atomizer spray ?

    1 / 3 O Z ?


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