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    Default Mixing PI with APC or others?

    Hey all!

    I\'m new to this board and have recently ordered PI. I have used APC in the past and didn\'t really notice much of a difference when I was wearing it. I was wondering... Does anyone know the concentration of APC? I can\'t seem to find this info on any of the sites, it just says \"the highest\" Blah blah blah...

    Also, would it be advisable or inadviseable to use PI along with APC? I see others talking about mixing, but didn\'t see these two mentioned.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Mixing PI with APC or others?

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    Default Re: Mixing PI with APC or others?

    APC was never the highest, but it used to contain a reasonable amount of androstenone. Now it contains almost none as you can see from the chart. Mixing it with PI is great. That was my first mix and I still like it. I used to carry a bottle of each in my back pack when I taught school.


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