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    Ok it is said that a nice smaile, a friendly outlook, and smalltalk will enhance the effects of mones.

    But lets face it, it could be that, that is all it took to get a girl interested and the mones did nothing. So lets try to isolate results just to mones and nothing else.

    Situation A: No Eye contact, no smile, no talk. Count hits.

    Situation B: Situation + mones. Count hits.

    Hits defined as someone getting your attention and conversing with you,or positive body language once THEY get your attention.

    Sure its not as good as a nice personality mixed with mones but is an isolated way to prove if mones work at least. With mones there should be more people approaching.

    Anyone try this experiment out? The people who say they converse with women, and smile and are friendly are probably getting results with little help from mones. How can they attribute it to mones when most women these days would consider you hitting on them if you even smile half the time! Its the new outlook - give credit there.

    Mones get credit with situation (mutes/mones) I discussed above.

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    I think mones get credit from people like me who\'re hated by women. (I\'m being a little dramaitc here but you get the point). Women like me after they get to know me and then they want to be my friend. Most times women won\'t say anything to me or will frown or turn their heads if I make eye contact or smile. Sometimes I get a smile back but now like now.

    This is what I mean. My first night out, overloading on APC (a product I think is underrated) I got my first true hit. A group of women walked over to me, offered to buy me a drink and we started to talk. Not one, not two but a group (about five). And I had each woman\'s attention. I loved it. They even told me what clubs they\'d be at and wanted me to tag alone. (Too bad I had to go). This all happened with no eye contact or even a smile. I turned around and there these chicks were.

    The last time I went out I had a chick and a waitress who couldn\'t stop coming over and talking to me. Before pheros I was to be avoided except for the occassional dance, now I\'m some kind of chick magnet? I\'m not saying all the women in the club are on my jock but a few do get into me.

    Week ago I had a bachlorette that wanted to dance the whole night with me and her friend actually wanted me to sleep with the bachlerette. She gave me a condom and even. (This is the friend the husband obviously should be aware of and no I didn\'t do it). But I think this is what people are contributing to phermones. This effect of being low man on the totem pole then seeming to have extra attention lavished on them.

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    That\'s why I call hits due to the mones Jambat!

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    Hey same here jambat but i have the perfect combo now so i just go and rip and let choas spread, i have also worked out heaps and the am seeing the beginnings of a six pack, it does help everyone. So pheromones, good conversation, good looking bod smiles gallore and letting them see me around all the others and they just lose the plot [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] and off i go. Anyway having a lot of fun so will be back later all.

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