I was driving down this country road late one evening, when one of my tires went flat. Looked into the trunk of my car....and no jack!!! Dark, cold, rainy, woods.....lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Anywho, and I do mean anywho, I started walking and seen lights about a half of a mile ahead. I walked up to the door and knocked, and knocked, and knocked, but no one answered. So I walked to the window from which the light was coming. I peeped in and damn!!! On one side of the room I see this maybe 70-80 year old woman sitting in a rocking chair butt-assed naked.....she\'s holding her tit in one hand, and a clock in the other! I looked across the room from her, and there\'s this man that had to have been 80-90 years old sitting in a rocker....he was holding up an umbrella with one hand, and had his dick in the other! I got the hell out of there!!!

About a mile up the road, I came to another house with lights, and knocked on the door. Sure enough, a man in his early 40\"s, I\'d say, open the door. I asked if he had a car jack and he said, \"Sure! Come on in, stand by the fireplace and dry off a bit!\" I told him what I had seen at the house up the road, and he said, \"Ooooh!! Those are the Jones, they\'re both deaf! She was probably trying to tell him it\'s time to go milk the cow, and if I know Fred, he was telling her \"F*ck you, it\'s raining outside!!\"

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