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    Default Edge Madness! (Whoa)

    Okay, this post is going to get a little odd. As you know I promised I\'d test the Edge. You know my results with the Edge and my mix working together. Not as great as the NPA-APC mix but it worked well.

    The Edge by itself sucked for me but I\'ll tell you something I found. Today I did some stuff I think you\'ll find useful. I poured about 2ml of Edge out and replaced it Jasmine and about 10 drops of Eucalyptus. What I got was a nice smelling Edge that had no adverse effect on it\'s strength.

    I went to a club and spray some on. One of the waitresses came over and engaged me in conversation and a girl who was sitting with her friends kept talking to me sparadically. Our eyes met when she walked by and we talked about music and books for a second. But when the dancing started she left with her friends. Bummer.

    Then when the other women came in (I think they had about three bachelorette parties going on) I changed into a shirt that I\'d sprayed earlier that morning and sprayed on more thinking it would filter through the crowd. Actually, it was over kill. I couldn\'t get a chick to dance with me to save my life. Even when I\'m not wearing mones I can get atleast one or two lovelies to dance.

    The kicker was when I got on the train to go home the first woman I sat next to got real nervous, twisted around and wouldn\'t even look at me. Another lady came aboard and seemed to have an attitude with me. I went back to an empty car and changed shirts back to the one with less on it. I sat there for a momment and the second woman turned and smiled at me.

    So I guess the moral here is...

    ...if you see the mones are working don\'t spray more. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Careful when you apply phermones to clothes because you my have to change if you apply to much.

    Now what I\'ve done is mixed everything, I poured my APC/NPA mix into my Edge and now I\'m going to see what happens. The stuff smells great (mostly like a sweet Eucalyptus but something men could wear) This could possibly be the most potent home brew phermone creation going. I\'m banking on one shot to the chest for the whole day or atleast the majority. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    I found that early on that if they arent working at the time (for newbies) the worst thing you can do a lot of the time is to put more on unless you are starting with a low dosage and working up, but if you start getting nervous looks or aggressiveness then you have to much on just a tip for anyone starting out

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    Default Re: Edge Madness! (Whoa)

    Oh yes, as they say, a little dab will do ya. But when you get it right, boy what fun. Next time though I think I\'ll get two bottles of APC and mix them in a big bottle then pour the NPA in so I\'ll have a nice amount to go around.

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    By the way, my Edge mega mix didn\'t seem to work. Oh well. I\'ll try again tommorrow. I still have some colonges with NPA in them to try too.

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    Default Re: Edge Madness! (Whoa)

    Humm, like we didn\'t see that one coming. Yeah, lets just throw everything into the blender and see how it tastes in the end. Did that once and it didn\'t turn out too well either. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Edge Madness! (Whoa)

    Experimentation is how I got the APC/NPA mix so I\'m going test this. I think it\'s going to work. Seriously. Tommorrow I\'m going clean. No shirts that have been sprayed, making sure my chest is clean and I\'m going to try a spray to the chest and hair only. Then we\'ll see what\'s up.

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    Default Re: Edge Madness! (Whoa)

    I must be crazy.

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    Default Re: Edge Madness! (Whoa)

    Hey jambat why are you crazy ??? hope the mix goes well

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