Hi all, I found this site last night and spent hours reading the posts, very helpful. I thought I would share a little experience here if you don\'t mind. For the record I am 21, 6 feet tall black hair average build, a friendly guy but shy. Last spring I bought a bottle of APC, thinking why not try it and see what happen. I put at least 6 dabs on my neck, wrists and arms then went to class. Nothing unusual seemed to happen until I was on my way out and ran into a girl I knew but wasn\'t exactly friends with. She started talking to me and then wanted to go out later, so we went out and I didn\'t think too much of it, but then she wanted to go back to my place to watch a movie that night. So sure, why not. Now heres the first mistake I made, I decided to apply even more of the APC, probably another 10 dabs to see what would happen. She was obviously affected by it but didn\'t seem to know quite how to react. I should mention that she wasn\'t exactly my type, but I wanted to see if the pheromones would do anything more. Well the next day, Saturday morning, she calls and wants to come over and watch a bunch of movies...so again I applied a bunch of APC, and then every so often maybe every hour or so I\'d get away and apply a bunch more, not just dabs but a whole bunch of the stuff. The more of it I put on, the more she was all over me, which was fine at first but like I said she wasn\'t my type and I didn\'t quite expect that big of a reaction. If I wanted to I could have had her right there, but that isn\'t what I was looking for, I guess the massive amount of APC I had on was telling her otherwise. So I tried to get out of that situation but she just didn\'t want to go home.
If that wasn\'t an OD I don\'t know what is. After finding this site and reading the forum I realize why I had to use so much APC, seeing how weak it is, still I think I used much more than I should have. It had the same effect on another girl, again using an ridiculous amount of the stuff, but that wasn\'t really what I was looking for. If APC had that much of an effect, I can\'t even imagine what some of these stronger -none products do. So instead of ordering another -none only product, I decided to get some alter ego, after reading about it here, and see if that would work better for me. I just ordered it today so we\'ll see what happens. I was going to buy the newbie kit, for the price if nothing else, but I didn\'t think I should get another -none only product, especially a stronger one. I must say I\'m glad I found this site, it\'s very informative and you people actually seem to know what you are talking about!

I look foward to learning more.