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    For what it\'s worth, I\'ve been having solid success with my spouse using this mix:

    20 drops NPA
    6 drops A1
    7 drops PI/w
    5 ml grain alcohol

    The first time I mixed it, I sprayed one spray of the mix on my chest. I covered it with one dab of decent perfume oil. After dinner, my wife came downstairs, handed me a dirty video and said \"Why don\'t you put this in the VCR?\" It has been a consistent icebreaker since that time. I have recently put together a mix that uses twice as much PI/w, but do not have enough episodes to form an opinion on the quality of that mix. the reason I\'m looking to up the nol in the mix is because I\'m of the opionion that nol is more useful if you\'re in a day-to-day relationship that has been going on for many years. If things have slowed down, the none message is useful at very specific points in the cycle, and at that point is very effective. Odds are, though, that one is likely to get action at those times anyway. At the other times, using a phero that encourages talking, laughing, and cuddling is the right path to a desired end. \"Recall and response\" if you will. Chatting and laughing makes the SO recall why she fell for you in the first place. The response is to fall all over again...

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    Ya gotta love a guy who is concerned about his relationship with his spouse...and works on ways to improve it!

    You\'ve got my top ten vote!

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    I use APC on my skin (the only time I use it on skin) for sexual reasons with my girlfriend. It makes her very amorous and she loves it on me.

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    hey koolking your quote is true!! lowering inhibitions and drugs, and increasing desire with pheromones!

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    Didn\'t understand everything that you wrote, but THUMBS UP for attitude.

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