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    Hey, ladies - I\'d put this in the regular forum and Elana pointed out it should go here, too. How are you all? Hope everyone\'s well.

    I\'m standing outside smoking and this guy walks by, glances at me, comes back, stands about 5 feet away for a minute or two, and then comes over to me, asks me for a light, so I give him one. He says it\'s freezing out here, why aren\'t you wearing a jacket? I said because I have enough natural insulation to keep me warm. He starts laughing, said I was a perfect size, he saw me and thought I was just beautiful, what did I do to keep myself in shape, did I like to walk? I said yes, I like to walk. He said had I been to the zoo, I said not in a long time, several years, actually. He said I\'m NAME, put out his hand for me to shake so I shook hands and said my name. He asked if I had a business card, said he didn\'t mean to be forward, but he couldn\'t walk away from me without asking for my number so he could call me up and take me to the zoo and out to lunch sometime, would I like that? I said I was sure I\'d like it very much but unfortunately I was spoken for. ... he said that was such a shame, how come all the good ones were taken, I smiled and said I\'d enjoyed talking with him, he wished me a good day.

    again, EW mist all over, 1 drop of lavender -nol, Maja cologne

    I swear I think -nol makes people chatty or makes the wearer more approachable. Things like this don\'t happen when I\'m not wearing it. I don\'t know how much the EW has to do with anything but it could be doing something too.

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    Thanks for the report. I am trying to get a handle on future incarnations of EW. Can you tell me what you used to dilute it and how much you cut the original to arrive at your spray?
    Does it stay mixed OK?
    Have you noticed any reaction from your regular fella with your spray?
    Any reaction yourself while wearing it?
    Does it definitely need to be used with cologne? (ie: is there any danger of an \"OD\" odor if used alone)


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    It\'s EW and bottled spring water at 1:10000.

    It stays mixed fine.

    I haven\'t worn it around my regular fella yet, but plan to -- I think he\'ll like it.

    I don\'t feel any reaction to it, except to be glad it doesn\'t give me any. I can wear it every day and feel fine.

    I think most women could wear it without cologne if they wear it as I do, putting it on with a fine mist sprayer and using it as a body spray, a very fine mist all over, about six sprays, each spray is 1/8th teaspoon. It blends easily with several types of colognes -- not so much, to my nose, at least - crisp greens, but beautifully with florals and orientals. I find it very easy to wear in general.

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    I got the EW bottle yesterday. If fact my curious george of a girlfriend got it (no she doesn\'t look like a monkey!) ...

    Hopefully she didn\'t open the EW bottle but even when closed she was like \"what\'s that ? it smells like dirty pussy, tell me you won\'t waste your fine perfumes with this!\"

    I then had to explain to her it should be highly diluted and that I got it to make HER a perfume and that NO it won\'t smell like poisonous cheese when properly diluted. I also had to explain to her that my nice EOs experiments where already spiked with various kind of phero, including the massage oils. Hopefully she was not upset so I will now be able to work on my experiments with her. That will be of great help because she\'s a damn fine nose.

    Of course I had to explain lots of things... she was receptive because she was also ashamed she had opened my mail... Good thing, it was the perfect setting to let her know about it. she just asked me not to use it all the time so she could still smell the real me sometimes. I explained to her I will need her help to replicate my own smell using those pheros and fine EOs ... Nobody can smell me better than her, I will end up with THE PERFECT MIX and I\'ll be the king of the world *put pinky in front of mouth like DrEvil* Mouhahahahahaa!!!!

    (I\'ll double post it in the men and women section)

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