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    Default Finally some results after months of phermone testing!

    Awhile back i was feeling quite doubtful using pheromones but kept trying more amounts or different products until recently i\'ve got this model hot over me...we were at the disco and she can\'t stop sticking to me like glue! I was using the Edge & AE combo...hey i the girls have to be beautiful to be enticed? Anyway i\'m waiting for my PI to arrive and just ordered PF..hope to see GREAT and MORE results! Thanks for everything!

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    Default Re: Finally some results after months of phermone testing!

    good to hear you are getting results. i too have just started using pheromones and must admit that i have yet to see any difference in the amount and quality of the looks i get. i guess i\'ll just have to keep trying.
    i do have a question for you though. is it unusual for you to have a hot model after you? was it the first time you have seen her?
    i must admit that i think my problem has been my state of mind. i just got out of a very intense relationship and my game is not exactly what it used to be. i think that as soon as i get my confidence back, the pheros will start helping me out.

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    Default Re: Finally some results after months of phermone testing!

    In afct yes it was my first time meeting her and she was very attached to me...the next time we met we were kissing in the disco like noone is ard....hope to post more successes with PI and PF : > Good Luck!

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