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    Default AE and a 16 year old

    I am 16 and I want to know if AE works well on young girls like me. And will it attract guys in the 16-18 age range? And most of all how well does AE work? It sounds like a good product.


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    Default Re: AE and a 16 year old

    Hi, Meka, welcome!

    I don\'t know a thing about AE. But I do think PCC is a great product and maybe a place to start.

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    Default Re: AE and a 16 year old

    I know the mens version works really well. I can\'t tell you about the womans version...

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    Default Re: AE and a 16 year old

    From the pheromone content of AE/w, I would imagine it would work better for a guy. Since I\'m a guy, I can\'t recommend any womens products, BUT, FTR has suggested a very popular one, PCC, which isn\'t that expensive either.

    - Krish

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