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    Default The affects of Pheros

    Hey guys...I\'m back to the Pheromone scene again. I tried Pheros when i was in hs. Worked great for me but i accidently left the bottle of Primal instinct in my rented tux for my senior prom. Not realizing where i misplaced it till i returned the tux waste of some good Pheros. Not much left but still coulda used it. Anyways when i was using it i saw a drastic change in my social life and my love life. I was getting a lot more girls and had a lot more sex then I am now. I havent used PI for two years now. And to tell u the truth my life went back to the way it was be4 i used pheros. Boring, sexless, and deprived of a girlfriend I really didnt think the pheros worked when i was usin it. I thought it was just a coincidence. But after losing the bottle of PI and my love life drastically decreasing for the past 2 years i decided to pay lovescent another visit This time ill try the unscented PI. Although the scented PI worked well, because i could smell it. Not a bad smell. I dap 1 drop behind each ear and spray some cool water to cover it up I just recieved the unsceted PI today so lets see if my life picks up again.
    * I went out with a beautiful girl about 2 weeks was a blind date. I got the feeling she didnt like me very much because I tried asking her out again but she kinda gave me a lame excuse. Finally i convinced her to go out with me again this friday and this time I will try the Pheros to see if it will make a difference. I will keep u updated on the results. but for now let me try PI on my college peers
    *wish me luck

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    Default Re: The affects of Pheros

    best of luck bro...please keep us informed...

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