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    Default Using an other? My experience

    The first time I got my bottle of Edge, I took a smell in it and I didn\'t get a buzz but it made me feel like... dunno ... relaxed and proud let\'s say. I\'m using it since two months and this first time feeling is now gone. Are you guys loosing your buzz or something like that after a certain period? Are you regaining it by switching to an other product?

    Anyway... My real question is about effects on womens. My friend tested it also and we are both certain that pheromones do work but not in the way we were expecting it. It only works with strangers and does a nice job only during a short period of time ( first contact ). With womans I\'m meeting everyday, I had only VERY subtle changes during my first times. They now seem used to it. If I stop applying, nothing appends. If I restart, same. I was using two sprays on my shirt. Is this to much? I didn\'t notice much at one either. In bars, I\'ve noticed NOTHING. At 2, 3 or 4 sprays whatever... How some of you can pretend to get results in those places? Is something wrong with me or these places contain much chemical interferance?

    Would switching to an other product gives me very different results? I mean, is it possible that Edge doesn\'t work well for me? What would you recommend instead? ( AE, PI ... )

    Personal information:
    I\'m in 16-22 yrs old range
    Doing musculation&cardio 2 times/week
    Not overeating celery in any way

    Much of you said it has something to do with your personnal chemistry. How could my natural and tiny phromones production (compared to the scents) interphere with the stuff?

    Thanks for anwsering my numerous questions.

    Ludovic Darmk

    P.S.: WORSE... I sometimes got what I interpreted as pheromones-type hits during days I was not wearing them... With clean clothes and shower, everything... So it\'s not due to residual pheros. I\'m now affraid it was all in my head during this time...

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    Default Re: Using an other? My experience

    A lot of things to coment on. I don\'t think I can hit it all, but here are some points that come to mind.
    A. I would vary the amount, and take some days off with no pheromones at all. You may be using too much for normal daytime activities, so that women who are a little far away get a good impression, but next time you meet them up close they are getting an overdose and the effect is not good. This could also be the problem with women you know. In general it is hard to change the mind of a woman who has had you \"pegged\" as a person she is not romantically interested in, but it still does happen and women who you only know a little or who are already fantasizing about you in a romantic way should be moved by the pheros, and not turned off in any case. So you may be using too much for up close. Try using less during the daytime.
    B. Nighttime in bars you can use a LOT more as someone on the board here pointed out recently, but my feeling is that you REALLY need some good cologne to blend in with the Edge. Edge has a powerful smell, that you many not be able to smell very well as a man, but most women smell it very well. Get some good cologne that works well with the Edge. In fact, I would put one spray of Edge on each wrist and go into a department store where a cute young woman is working at the men\'s fragrance counter. Put a spray of some test cologne on your wrist and ask the woman to \"help you make up your mind\" by taking a sniff. Also, for yourself see what you think of the mix.
    C. The Edge takes a LONG time to wear off. I can still smell it (or PI, or Andro, or AE) on my wrists even after taking a shower, or even after hitting the gym, sauna and shower.
    D. You are very young and are producing your own natural pheromones like crazy. Take care to preserve them and make them \"good\" pheromones, by giving some thought to:
    healthy diet and excersize
    balenced mental outlook

    All the Best,

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    Default Re: Using an other? My experience

    I usually don\'t wear my Pheromones at work, maybe about twice a week. I don\'t want to give them too much of a buzz, I feel they would get used to it. The women at your job are probably used to the smell. Mostly I use them in the weekends when I go out with my friends or by myself at the malls. With all the smoking and perfumes in a club or bar you have to put on more than usual. I use \"The Edge\" but not by itself mostly with \"Alter Ego\" or \"Primal Instinct\". I\'m going to try out what Bruce recommended to buy the perfect Cologne, who better to test out the Pheromones then the lady at the counter

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    Default Re: Using an other? My experience

    I don\'t use the Edge every day, but I use some kind of pheromone almost every day. I always get a buzz when I use two sprays, but only occasionaly when I use one.
    I\'m 41. So I probably don\'t produce a lot of pheromones. Maybe 2 sprays is too much for someone your age. I don\'t know. But I\'m sure that one spray is enough for getting positive responses when you talk to a girl; even at my age. Two sprays is more like recreational use for me. It tends to make people act kind of goofy. So maybe, technicaly, it\'s an overdose. But it doesn\'t seem to turn any girls off.
    I think finding the right scent to use with Edge can be tricky. Especially if you can\'t smell it. My impression is that something too strong will reduce the effectiveness; while something too light will fail to cover up the stink. I\'ve had good luck with sweet or woodsy scents.
    Bruce\'s idea sounds good.
    I\'ve also had good luck with Lolital Lempicka, but use just a little. Otherwise it\'s overpowering. For something economical, I\'ve had good results with Global Notes Sandalwood. You can get it at GNC or health stores for under $10. It\'s oil based, lasts a long time, and you only need one drop.
    Good Luck.


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