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    Default Got a few questions!

    As the subject says, I have a few questions. I don\'t mean to be repetitive, since I always see similar questions being asked, but I like receiving direct recommendations and answers. First of all, here are the products I have: TE(unscented), PI(ylang), AE, NPA, SPO\'s(four diff. scents), and SOE gelpaks (and plenty of them!). I\'ve had the TE, SOE, and SPMO for a couple weeks now and just received all the rest today. I am going out to the bar/club tonight and wanted to use something else or with the TE/SOE. I\'ll list my questions so it is easier to answer them.

    1. Any recommendations?
    2. What is with the PI and NPA inner lids, they don\'t seem like they will drop anything out. It looks too small to use a plastic syringe, maybe only a metal? I will probably end up just taking it out and dabbing it on my finger.
    3. What is with guys using PI/w, did I miss something or isn\'t that just for women?

    I thought I had another question or two, maybe I will remember later. Any recommendations/answers will be very helpful. Thank you!!!

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    Hey Chewy,

    Yeah, I still haven\'t figure out the tops of the bottles yet. I have most of what you have and a chem set and some other stuff. I am going out tonight and will be using a SOE gel pack, NPA and maybe a little APC as a cover only. I seem to get the best sexual hits off of that. My theory is that you can mix NPA or any none product in ketcup and still get hits, but the above mix seems to get better faster hits. Give it a shot and experiment, different things work for different people. But the theory that the secret ingrediants in the NPA makes it work so well (the ingrediants could be COPS but nobody is saying at the moment). Good luck! Force be with you and all that..


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    [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I have PI unscented, if the scented version comes in the same bottle, it should have a built in dropper. Hold the bottle upside down and wait until a drop comes out. If you don\'t see a drop when tip the bottle upside down, you probably have a defective dropper. Assuming that the dropper on the bottle is plastic, stick a needle through the center of the dropper to poke a hole in it. I haven\'t used NPA yet so I can\'t tell you about it. I\'d try the AE, it seems to work for all age groups. To date, AE is the only phero that has worked for me. As far as PI/w goes, a lot of guys have been experimenting with women\'s products to see what results they get using them. Your right, PI/w is a womens product. Good Luck! [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Got a few questions!

    re. PI/w
    The women\'s PI is mainly -nol with a small amount of copulins(such a small amount that most people can\'t smell it in there). And it is cheaper and more concentrated than the chem set -nol.

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