Ok I tryed it 1st night.I put a drop of this mix of mine on and covered up the smell with more perfume.I went out with my husband to eat.The waitress even before she took our order reached out and touched my leg and made a comment on how she loved my pants.Then she keep\'s comming over through out dinner to talk to me.Didn\'t even notice my husband.Took my orders and forgot his.Even forgot his coffee,said \"oh did you want some too?\" when he asked where it was.It was like this woman was totally in to me.Then on fri. I went to a girls only party.All the girls were Bi.And I knew most of them.Well when I walked in I was almost attacked!These girls were all over me!A cat fight even broke out over me that night! WOW!I went to a local bar later with a couple of the woman.They keeped telling me how horny I was makeing them.In the bar no men came on to me.It was like I wasent even there!But women,it\'s like they can\'t keep their hands off of me.I put this mix I made on and gay and bi women can\'t leave me alone!Men don\'t even see me!And women who are not gay or bi want to talk to me and be my friend.I put some of my mix on my husband and he went to work bartending and claimed he made the most tips ever that night but didn\'t notice anything special about the way any women were acting towards him, or men for that matter.I think I hit on something that only affects women on women.So if your a gay woman or bi I think this might work.Try the mix the way I made it then only use 1 drop and cover with more perfume and see what happens.This is crazy!I wanted to make something to drive men crazy,but I\'m driveing women crazy instead.Go figure.