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    Default Pheromones in Context

    I recommend this article (even though it doesn\'t mention ME) because it is very well balanced. It also indicates that some of the other researchers need to join this Forum, to see what\'s really going on with human pheromones. Sure, it\'s nice when we can prove things beyond the shadow of a doubt, but it happens so rarely that the mass media can get the wrong idea, or be fooled about the importance of human pheromones. Here you can see why there\'s still much skepticism.

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    Default Re: Pheromones in Context

    That WAS a pretty balanced article. Thanks for the link.

    \"McClintock and Jacob concluded that if the substances were indeed pheromones, they were modulators, not releasers- substances that affect behavior by altering psychological state, not by triggering fixed responses.\"

    Exactly. You\'ve got to work with the stuff to get good results.

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