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    Default Who\'s wearing the pheros?

    Here\'s something that just popped into my head after failing with TE (1 spray with a Nautica cover on first day, then 1 on wrist and 1 on neck with a spray of Armani each on second day). How exactly would any girl tell that I\'m the one wearing the pheros? In both cases, though I got no hits, I could have sworn girls paid more attention to the guys next to me than they normally do. Most of the exposure to girls I get when I\'m wearing pheros occurs in a classroom situation, and a girl that\'s diagonal to the front from me seemed to be more attentive to the guy that sits in front of me (and next to her). So in a classroom situation, what can be done? (And if anyone has any ideas/tips on my Edge failure, let me know).

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    Default Re: Who\'s wearing the pheros?

    Well, at least you sense there\'s an effect! Maybe, you can reduce the dosage, so the pheros aren\'t dispersed so widely that people next to you are benefiting. :-)

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    Default Re: Who\'s wearing the pheros?

    You smell in stereo, no joke. But it\'s not nearly as accurate as your hearing, so confusion can take place.

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    Default Re: Who\'s wearing the pheros?

    Well dude, I\'m one week from your age and also have TE. How long have you been using it?

    My experience is I do indeed get a lot more respect from guys but have noticed SOME improvement with girls. But someone like you and me could also use some *nol. You should try wearing some of the SoE gel that came w/ you set and some edge, it\'s MAD. I ordered the 10 ml 5 mg roll-on SoE bottle just because of that.

    But if your using just TE and your 17, well, I got the same results at you, so what does that say? [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    - Krish

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    Default Re: Who\'s wearing the pheros?

    You need to assert that it is YOU who is the alpha one with your attitude, to clear up any confusion.

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    Default Re: Who\'s wearing the pheros?

    SunShock - At your age, your going to need a little SOE (as recommended before) mixed in with your TE. To start with, I would lean a little more towards the SOE solo to see if reactions start around you in class. Then, increase ever so slightly the TE dosage.

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