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    Default EW testing and results TOPIC!

    All you people out there with knowledge on and experience with EW are hereby invited to posting your thoughts, results and whatnot about EW here in this very topic. The main goal is to concentrate all the facts we know about EW here so that we all can benefit from it without having to read hundreds of posts spread over this board.

    Very interested as I am in what EW is and does, I thought this can become a good topic (at least better than many of the latest \"put your data in your profile!!!!\" topics).

    Even if you feel it\'s becoming repetitive, there\'s no harm in posting your thoughts here whatsoever. Even the origin and what EW exactly is should be mentioned here, as some people probably have misconceptions on it. It\'s only normal that any conclusion from a wrong conception can only be wrong itself. So let\'s all clear our heads and put everything valuable on EW here in this topic. If we really want to get somewhere with pheromones, I think things like this are necessary.

    Many thanks for your input! (hope this wasn\'t TOO boring)

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    Default Re: EW testing and results TOPIC!

    I don\'t read all the posts so I don\'t know what EW is?

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    Default Re: EW testing and results TOPIC!

    EW= Essence of Woman, Copulin Concentrate.

    I still like my EW mix I posted a while ago. (8 drops in 100ml, je pense). Apply 1 dab to each wrist and then apply other pheros over. Haven\'t done much testing lately though.

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    Default Re: EW testing and results TOPIC!

    I am wondering how effective EW would be for guys to attract women...or at least some women. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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