There always seems to be this debate, whether \"nice guys\" or \"jerks\" get the girls. To me, that\'s a very limiting view of what your identity is.

I\'ve known guys who are charming, confident, with some charisma thrown in and they have no problem attracting women. They aren\'t the stereotypical macho \"jerk\" with the gold chain around their neck and the \"hey baby\" kind of attitude. Yet they aren\'t the proverbial shy \"nice guy\" either. It is an interesting blend.

One of the best movie characters I\'ve seen with this trait is Ferris Bueller. He had such great charm and confidence. He wasn\'t this over the top macho \"Fast and the Furious\" kind of guy. But he wasn\'t so \"nice\" as to let people walk all over him.

In my experience, charm and confidence are two of the key ingredients for succeeding with women.