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    Default first results with AEw ?

    I am now wearing pheros much more often (say about 2-3 times a week, on any circumstances). Before, I just wore them before going out (not very often).
    First reaction : this guy in the supermarket - as soon as he saw me (he was about 10 meters away), he started looking at me and really kept this eye contact very long. I\'ve never seen him before and we didn\'t even talk. 5 or 10\' later, he was still looking around in the supermarket to see if I was there, \"found\" me and really stared at me. (he must be about 35, I look 38 and I\'ve got super blue eyes - lol lol).
    Second result : I was at a friend\'s house and we were having dinner - She is just a friend, her daughter was with us. Then I said something with no special intention at all - I saw her face get red like I\'d never ever seen her before, she couldn\'t find an answer to what I had said... after that, things went back to normal, but she started touching me (which she never does). Just to be precise : she\'s a pure hetero, a very good friend, and I don\'t want to spoil this friendship with anything we would regret !

    Dosage : AEw, 1 single drop in total (wrists, neck, ears, the usual places...).

    Have a good day,

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    Default Re: first results with AEw ?

    Excellent news Frenchie! Keep up the good work!

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