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    Default My first post - Results inconclusive? (RM/SoE)

    Hi there everyone, this is my first post. =)
    It mainly talks about my personal experience with pheromones and it\'s quite long.
    Well, I bought the RM/SoE kit months ago, and spent time \"in the field\" testing before making any comments. Well after 4 months or so, here are my results.

    First off, a bit about myself. I am an Asian in my early twenties, not too shabby looking (I hope). =P I have no real problem with women, because I often organize events and hosts parties in clubs... and well basically my job is to make sure enough women come. =P I was just wondering what pheromones could do for me.

    I bought RM/SoE, and I usually wear half a pack of SoE on my forearms and clothes, and 2 to 3 drops of RM on my neck, ears and cheeks.

    Here are a few results I remembered while wearing this combination:
    - Women stare at me in the metro, buses and shops.
    (Although it might because of my hair color *ahem* no comments)
    - My manager (female) seems to talk and smile more with me.
    - Right after putting RM on, this girl I\'m infatuated with asked me what shampoo I use... All day she was holding my arm, and rubbing against me.. ahhh! hehe
    - In the metro, this Spanish girl came up to me from nowhere, started speaking in spanish (I don\'t understand), gave me her phone number and left. The day after, I asked my friend who speaks spanish to call her, and she told him she would like know him (me) more... She had just moved from Mexico and wanted to learn about the city. (What the hell?) When I met her, ahhh.. we didn\'t visit much of the city... ahem..
    - In the clubs, the \"grinding\" has definately went up a notch or two. hehe
    - A co-worker I was checking out for a few weeks started to notice me and go out with me. (woohoo)

    However, I\'m not sure if any of this is really due to pheromones. I mean, a lot of other things happened to me, and I wasn\'t wearing any and no residuals on my clothes:

    - This girl invited me to drive her home and sleep over her place after this night at the club
    - While at work, a girl gave me her phone number.. and i wasn\'t even speaking to her.

    Other things have happened, yet I don\'t remember.
    Remember - All this happened during a long period (4 months), and it was during summer time... hence the hits were more obvious and numerous.

    Can I really attribute this to pheromones? I\'m not really feeling impressed. Maybe I feel more confident? Maybe I just smell good? Maybe I\'m lucky? Well... I\'m thinking about trying that NPA/APC mix. Is it a good idea?

    Well, here was endlessly long post, I hope those who had the patience to read it enjoyed it, because I just felt I had to tell my experiences to someone, or some people.. Thanks ^-^

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    Default Re: My first post - Results inconclusive? (RM/SoE)

    Hi Tin,

    Welcome to the forum. Don\'t worry about the long posts. We are just glad to see some \"real world\" testing, and the results of it. Keep up the good work, and don\'t forget to keep us informed.


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    Default Re: My first post - Results inconclusive? (RM/SoE)

    Did it happen this often without pheromones if youre answer is no then its the pheromones to some degree you are the only jugde as to how much but it is under effect (now dont tell anyone) With the attribute to the pheromones look for these effects in women you interact with moreso (at worst you will learn to read sexual interest/body language.) This isnt a long post at all but keep the posts coming also.

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    Default Re: My first post - Results inconclusive? (RM/SoE)

    Hi Tin,

    Welcome. You call this a long post [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ? Sounds like RM and SOE are really working well for you. Keep up the posts and the good work. You might also consider adding more infor such as how long after application did these hits come. You might also consider putting more info about yourself on bio.

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