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    Hey im still here everybody, ive noticed a lack of alter ego only stories is there anyone out there who uses alter ego on its own and with the three pheromones, i have heard that the third one enhances the action of the other two, anyway does anyone have any stories on whether it is any good, how is it applied and how long does it last on skin and clothing, and any experiences with it, i am thinking of combining it with attraction to really get some sort of new combination going, and living in australia it should be a good buy and good to use, ok lets get this thread going, well bye till later everyone

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    Looks like bruce is temporarty out of stock as well i will have to wait until he gets more back in stock i guess damn i really wanted some to

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    hi I am still waitin...pretty impatiently for my AE stock...btw i use a drop of AE on both my wrists ears and armpits n on my shirt...I spray bvlgary colonge over each works best for me...anyway if u wanna save money on buying the bvlgary colonge u can try to \'steal\' one from the 1st class cabin of The singapore airlines...they have it in the toilet [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Take care brother n best of luck. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Yeah ive heard of the unique results with AE need some elbaration on that but it seems to be a good product so i am thinking of trying that on the skin with The Edge or even possibly PPA if i decide to go with that that should make a few people take notice lol

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    Yeah it seems that AE+TE+Attraction would be worth a try and i will keep everyone updated on how it works out, that would be very itneresting

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