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    Default Re: Your results with dehydropiandrosterone (DHEA)??

    Why don\'t you try Homoepathic dhea pills? I read homeopathic means that they basically took the stuff and thinned it down till theres hardly anything left. Even 3mg homeopathic gives me noticeable results.

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    Default Re: Your results with dehydropiandrosterone (DHEA)??

    I\'ve heard a lot of negative things about HGH. It is commonly used right now by a lot of professional wrestlers, and if you use a ton of it you will definitely develop a bit of a \"monkey\"-ish look. You\'ll \"grow\" a huge forehead and your jaw with jut out in ape-like manner. For example look for pictures of Triple H or Chyna from the WWE before and after HGH. I guess they are alpha males though, it almost the purest sense! :-)


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    Default Re: Your results with dehydropiandrosterone (DHEA)??

    monkey forehead? son, you sure you aint been watching too many reruns of \"planet of the apes?\" dont worry bout the HGH, you need some good ol gingko biloba to get that noggin of yours working....if everyone would wake up from their nap, the best thing to do is touse HGH releasers, not the actual hormone, just trigger your own pituitary to produce it again, try natures youth hgh..endorsed by Gordan liddy...the [censored] works, im living proof

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    Default Re: Your results with dehydropiandrosterone (DHEA)??

    CaptKipling..I take everyone of the products you mentioned and never felt better..I use HGH-ph PBL.expensive but so far the best..also use Z-Mass PM by Cytodyne..for the zinc-magnesium..and a product called Tribulus Fuel Stack by Twinlab which contains DHEA +tribulus together..these are all good products..ive ben cycling them for over a year with no problems..but like you\'ll hear a million times check with a check against interactions ..high blood pressure..that sort of thing!

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    Default Re: Your results with dehydropiandrosterone (DHEA)??

    First of all...

    I would like you to know that, from tests done now...DHEA production does N O T shut down at 25 mg...

    Oh my god...

    It doesn\'t shut down?

    Does that mean?

    You\'re not going to get ANY SIDE EFFECTS WHATSOEVER AT 25 MG? I guess SO! Now, if you take like 500mg plus, it WILL shut down, but, at 25 mg, it WILL NOT SHUT DOWN!

    Plain and simple, read the data. Instead of saying, it will shut down, how do you know? You DON\'T. I do, becuase, #1, I have read the clinical studies, tests, blah blah blah.

    And, my ideas on pheromones have NOTHING to do with my knowledge of DHEA, PLEASE...

    And, about the sweat thing...That happens to me too, I have asked whether the RONE in Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) comes out in the sweat, I\'m guessing it DOES...

    The reason I take dhea is....I think, anything over 25 mg of the stuff doesn\'t even get metabolized FIRST of all, and second, it increases pheromones, and it\'s THE first known hormone to reduce fat loss (not my initiative, however, it just goes to prove of it being the first to metabolize into androgens...) Which means, it\'s the BASIS of just about all of the androgenic hormones in the body...And, you really are just upping everything.

    Get out of your box, and read the studies. It is legal, the FDA has not banned it, and 25 mg will NOT shut down your natural production, if you REAAAAAAAAD the studies.

    Instead, you just comment on how CARELESS I am...I\'m SOOO careless, is just why MILLIONS of bodybuilders are doing HUGE stacks with no problems..Look, it\'s only when you OVERDO SOMETHING that you get side effects, if taken into moderation ONLY positive benefits..And, like you told me..Don\'t listen to me, I don\'t care...I\'ll be taking it...I\'ll be in my 50s...Still, going like normal, better than normal, you will be at home STILL saying, you know, feeling like sh*t, and you will be saying, when he turns 100...Look get a life.

    For you, it\'s either, you take ANY and you get side effects, or you don\'t take ANYTHING....Please...

    And I have also started taking asprin. Thinner blood is WAYY better, I mean, I lift weights, I have almost gotten a hernia, and asprin REALLY seems to reduce this problem a LOT, and, I mean, you\'re just a little healthier, I mean, thinner blood, feel better....My dad has been taking it forever, every day..

    Just, get a life dude..


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