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    Default Questions...So Many Questions! :-)


    Didn\'t get many responses to this on the Women\'s Forum:

    I have newly-acquired PCC, PI/w, APC, Bruce\'s vanilla oil and Inner Realm. I have worn APC alone, PI/w alone (with and without my purfume), PI/w w/PCC (with and without my purfume) and PI/w w/IR. I have had no hits that I am aware of.


    1. How long do you try a combination before you decide it just doesn\'t work for you and try something else. You can see from above that I have been a very busy girl and have been changing combinations about every single day.

    2. I am re-applying at mid-day; is this enough/not enough?

    3. Can I OD on any of these things? What are the effects of that, same as men?

    4. Does PI/w mix with everything? Does PCC mix with everything?

    That\'s good for starters...!

    Thanks for any help,


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    Default Re: Questions...So Many Questions! :-)


    So many questions is right, but you\'ve been patient and persistent.

    Of the products you mentioned, I have PCC, PI/w, APC/m, and the vanilla oil, but not the Inner Realm.

    1. How long should you keep trying?
    Before giving up on a combo, I\'ll try tweaking it a few times by first adding more of one component, then the other. If I\'m talking about an actual mixture, where I\'ve physically dumped the stuff together, my initial tweak will involve adding a bit more of whatever product I have the most to spare of, or the less expensive one. Doesn\'t make sense to throw good money after bad, but never actually throw anything away. Label it clearly and store it. You never know when you might get something, a freebie even, that is the perfect fix for that inadequate mix.
    Give a combo/mix five tries at least. No more than ten. Not necessarily consecutively. Pheros should never be wasted, but neither should time or opportunity.

    2. Re-Apply?
    You didn\'t say how much you\'re applying in the first place. Lots of people have posted great hits with phero applications that they had thought were almost totally spent. Rule of thumb is: Less is More. If you want a consistent dispersal throughout the day, apply lightly in the morning, and again, lightly when you really think your mones have all but totally faded away. Remember though, by being constantly exposed to them you become desensitized to their presence.

    3. Can you OD?
    PI/w is heavy on A-Nol, and some folks get headaches from large doses. A couple/few drops should be a safe dose provided you or your partner are not sensitive to it.

    APC- (Guessing. I don\'t have the women\'s version.)
    Well, if you buy the .005% concentration figure, and assuming the A-None content\'s the same as the men\'s, you should be able to safely use about 1/2 mL of it. I saw an APC spam site that said that there were 45 applications in a one ounce bottle, so that\'s .66mL per application. That\'s a lot of drops, at least a dozen, maybe more like twenty! Ten drops should do the trick. But that\'s for guys, and since the active ingredient appears to be A-None in both formulae, and you\'re a woman, I might recommend much less. 2 or 3 drops, 5 tops.

    PCC- The scent will tell you how much to apply. I don\'t think I\'ve ever heard of a PCC OD. I\'m prejudiced, I love that smell.

    SP Vanilla- A few drops should be plenty as a primary phero, a couple of dabs when used as a highlight. The concentration of A-Nol in SPVO isn\'t known, so again, it\'s best to let your nose decide.

    4. Mixability.
    PI/w might not mix with anything. It\'s base is quite oily, not sure if it\'s glycol, or mineral oil, or what. The one time I tried to mix it was with Rogue Male, and it didn\'t blend well at all physically, but the resulting scent was nice. Use PI/w by itself as a standalone or in combination with separately applied products. Since it has so little scent, ( I can\'t smell it at all, but others say they can ) you can apply it without having to worry about covering it in the literal sense.

    PCC is ethanol based and should mix well with other alcohol based products, but the Ethanol probably isn\'t pure enough to cut heavy oil stuff like PI. I\'ve never really mixed with it. Too good a scent to mess with.

    With its heavy A-Nol, some (?%) copulins, and little or no scent, PI/w should be the foundation of your applications.
    PCC can be added to enhance the effects of PI/w by making your application more sexual.
    APC and SPVO can be used as highlights applied sparingly to areas where you haven\'t applied other scented products, or right on top of a scented product if you feel that the fragrances are compatible. Same with Inner Realm, I suppose.

    Pi/w can be used alone in situations where no fragrance is appropriate.

    PCC can be used alone to send purely sexual signals.

    SP Vanilla Oil can be used alone for an Androstenol-only application when you don\'t want or need the Copulins in PI/w.

    APC (presumably the women\'s version, though I\'m not sure there\'s much difference between the two) can be used alone when you want to project a dominant alpha (fe?)male signal.
    But you\'d probably have to use a shitload to get to any degree of alpha effect, male OR female.

    There you go, I gave you more answers than you gave questions. Hope this helps. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Oscar [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Questions...So Many Questions! :-)

    Thanks so much, Oscar! I\'m sorry I used the wrong terminology; when I say \"Mix\", I am not physically mixing pheros. I was referring to using 2 products simultaneously - PCC on my wrists and PI/w on my neck or similar. I am not up to the actual physical mixing, and may never be, as there is no info on mixing woman-specific pheros in the Cookbook.

    Again, thanks so much! :-)


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    Default Re: Questions...So Many Questions! :-)

    I\'m not ready to physically mix pheros either -though it may happen anytime, I enjoy experiments !
    Why not collect our experiments, note the dosage we used, etc... so that there could be a women cookbook ?
    There could be a special thread dedicated to this question (just dosage and \'results\') in the women forum.

    I have just read a post asking me about that, saying that \"the french made the better chefs\". Don\'t know if it could be very good, but it would be fair to help women.


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