been seeing this girl for a while without pheros, but she scared about having sex, shes a 26 yr old virgin, she wanted to but couldn\'t. i thought yeah use some pheros, that\'ll give her more desire, overcome her worries, and it has.
basically a 1-2 drops of pi/m, covered with ck-eternity, never lets me down.
anyway the funny hit the other day, had my ck-pi/m on and went to the phamacy to get supplies for the big night, walked around looking for condoms, one girl (28ish) seemed to want and help me alot finding what i needed. I told her just looking. she left, i found the condom section, having a browse at the selection this lady came back, and just stood there looking at me, while i\'m reading comdom, and lub packaging, in the end i made my purchase gave her the stuff, gave her the money, she ignored all the people in the que waiting to be served, gave me my change and a cheeky look, i left.
strange experience, having this girl dihling you while your buying condoms,