Today I have been wearing RM all day. I went to a training class for work. There was one girl about my age in the class and I think she might have been triling her hair but it was brief. So after that I went into the bathroom and put on 2 more dabs of RM (this makes 4 dabs the 1st 2 were applied about 3 hours before that). I spread it out on my arms and some around my neck and face. Still no notiable reaction. Then later after the class I put 2 more dabs on. Then I went to B&N, not to many chicks there this time. Then I went to Target and still no noticable reactions. I didn\'t intiate anything because I didn\'t see any chicks that I was interested in. But I was well beyond OD levels but no reaction from other people. I thought RM was one of the none heavyweights?? Any thoughts?? I did seem to react to it myself. When leaving the target this guy who was trying to park. He drive to far past the spot then he wanted to attempt backing in parking. He puts the car in reverse, stops waits like 3 mins. then puts the car back in drive and just sits there. Then I start honking my horn and he looks at me like I am crazy. I then had this incredile urge to get the bat out of my backseat and bash this guys head in. it was pretty weird.