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    Default Re: For anyone that has used a credit card help

    Your credit card was declined by your bank. You should have gotten two e-mail messages about it by now. You didn\'t get a shipping notice, because your order wasn\'t shipped for obvious reasons. Notices about card declines take a bit longer because they have to be sent by hand. Sometimes I don\'t get to it until the next morning. Also, you didn\'t put your real name in your e-mail inquiries so I spent all my time guessing about what might have happened to your order instead of looking it up.

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    Default For anyone that has used a credit card help

    i recently ordered the edge on saturday , i recieved a order receipt saturday night saying if there are no problems your order will go out the next business day, which would be monday. the thing is i haven\'t received any shipping info or when its going out, i dont even know if my credit card went through, i used the Fedex, when you guys ordered how long did it take to to find out when your order is going out , did they email you , or did your order just come,

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