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    Default waiting on my pheros

    Hey guys,
    I ordered SOE, NPA, and APC for the first time. Hope to get them by friday! I\'m leaving for a week-long cruise on monday, I\'m hoping to test out the pheros during this time. I\'ll let you guys know if anything happens. Also going to try out the pheros on a couple of girlfriends I have on the side [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img] see if there\'s any different reactions from them. I\'ve been reading the forums, reading about pick-up lines, this and that...bla bla bla. Anyway, I just wanna say that we guys at times have to play hard to get. Girls love playing hard to get, and they\'re pretty successful at it. This frustastes most guys, and they end up trying way too hard to impress/\"get\" the girl. Once you do this, the girl has gained control! Most likely she\'ll view you as weak, as a pu--y. Fun girls like bad-boys, they\'re not interested in a good-boy that\'s going to agree with everything they say/want. Throughout my experiences, I\'ve played hard to get (don\'t give a f-ck that\'s all....real easy), and have been very successful. Once, I dated this hot-banging piece of.... you know what. This girl was used to having guys do as she pleased. I knew this, so I treated her like I wasn\'t attracted to her....this confused her [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img] One night she picked me up in her daddy\'s Mercedes, wearing a very tight one piece black cat suit, no panties, I made believe I didn\'t notice it, I acted like it was no big deal. Towards the end of the night, she was like...\".why aren\'t you all over me? Most guys would be all over me in a second! You\'re different\". (Ahah....I made her want me, I was in control). She dropped me off in front of my place and I got out of the car, walked to my front door and before I could reach for my keys.....she calls me back to the car. I walk back, lean in, and she whispers in my hear....\" I want you so bad, right now, I\'m so f-cking horny. I was a happy man that night, and many nights after that. But remember, if you\'re gonna go through the trouble of playing hard to get, you better be prepared for the bedroom part. If you can\'t hit it right, you\'re probably just gonna hit it once! Just adding my two cents....well, Happy Hunting men [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Me? ..... I\'m waiting for my BJ to come pick me up!

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    Default Re: waiting on my pheros

    Ha ha ha he he well that is the attitude that some guys take here we have an alpha bad boy type who jerks women around and they bang him for all his trouble. Well i say guys take this attitude because being an agreeable guy hasnt gotten me very far. Im moving more towards the middle ground giving women some respect expecting some in return and at the moment being single looking after myself first before i actually do find a woman who is into me for me finds me attractive views me as a long term partner but isnt going to go banging another guy on the side. But you know some guys out there are quite welcome to be over nice to women agree with everything they say, get treated like dirt come to forum complain that women treat them like [censored] we can them point them in this direction as far as this thread is concerned and the whole process can go on and on and on. But you can use anone pheromone the alpha type still be a relativley nice guy and still get laid. Thats the beauty of science right folks thats what we are all here for. And the fact that i am actually 4 people and not just one which is probably why everyone gets confused with my split personality. But dd gave his password to some friends in the real world and the group known as watcher came along and works together to make him big. So folks i am a female and 3 male working as a \"person\" in cyberspace.

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    Default Re: waiting on my pheros

    \"Hey guys,
    I ordered SOE, NPA, and APC for the first time. Hope to get them by friday! I\'m leaving for a week-long cruise on monday, I\'m hoping to test out the pheros during this time. I\'ll let you guys know if anything happens.\"

    We hope to here from you in the Master\'s Unit. The last person who went on a crusie here had a blast with their pheros. It was pretty good from their post. (Informative too). So we hope to hear from you.

    -The Bat

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    Default Re: waiting on my pheros

    wantcona- Some of what you describe is what Doc love says, \"Be a challenge and let the woman Chase you.\" Looking forward to your hit stories when you get back from your cruise. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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