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    Default some questions from a newbie......

    Can someone answer me some questions from a newbie as I recently brought some \'mones, some of these may sound stupid but I can\'t seem to find the answers anywhere....

    1. When using these \'mones is it more or less effective if I also spray deordrant? As I\'m not sure whether the deordrant cancels/clash with the \'mones smells & therefore making it more/less effective.....

    2. Recently brought the RM/musk oil special, can someone tell me how do I apply the musk oil? As I have read some of these post about mixing them to make them more effective, how do I mix them? do I 1st pour a bit of each in a small spray jar then shake it so it mix then use it OR do I put a bit of 1 \'mones on me then apply the other one near the same spot??

    3. I have also seen a small 15ml of \'mones called Contact-19 for sale, has anyone any ideas how effective this is ??



    PS...May I congratulate to Bruce on how fast the effective the service is when ordering goods from here?? Since I am based in the UK I ordered the soe/RM special & it only took 1 week to get to me..... keep up the good work, Bruce !!!!!

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    Default Re: some questions from a newbie......

    Can\'t help with the RM/musk oil question as I\'ve never used it.

    I would always recommend wearing a decent cologne with or without mones. IME women always like a man who smells nice. Go easy on the trigger though. I think smell is probably the least understood sense and it plays a vital role in attraction (between both sexes) and memory.

    Contact-18 (never heard of 19!) was made (I think) by GKS Research Technology in Jersey, UK. I have no info about mones content though. I used C-18 when I first started using mones several years ago and in my case I did\'nt notice any reactions.

    Everything I\'ve used from this site has been at least slightly effective. I\'ve had the most success with SoE and Andro 4.2. The Edge is pretty good as is Attraction. You can also apply the alcohol based mone products (Andro 4.2, Attraction, The Edge) to your clothes (shirt colar, etc.) where they seem to last quite a while, at least for me.

    The Edge and Attraction are available scented the idea being to cover up the A-none smellyness. SoE also has a nice light musky fragrance that seems quite popular.


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