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    Default OK WHAT THE HELL??!?!

    hey guys i got SOE and NPA, ive tried both them on at the same time while SOE ive only tried once!!!! and i have got no looks whatsoever i dunno nothing as it seems, i used to get jsut as many when i didnt wear anything! ive only gotten to test it out at my work, and a car dealership i went to last week... NOTHING AT ALL

    I need somehelp, if i mix both them together instead of putting them on sepratly will that help?? and if i do mix it how many sprays..?? ok now i put on tons of SOE and 2 dabs of NPa or just a tiny bit more rounding.. please help someone, and refer me to other product if u can... im 17 by the way 5 10, need to start working out again for football dont do it much will that help cas i heard it does with mones. o well any help would b nice. -thanks J

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    like you pry know phero\'s work best when around people you don\'t know. so going to work wearing them might lighten the mood but your probably not going to see anything major. also as many people have said they are just a door opener you still gotta do a bit of work.

    i spent most of my day today reading different things on how to get better at aproaching girls and i highly recommend reading all the info on its a big eye opener it should help you learn how to view approaching girls and how to act. then the pheromones main benifit of loosening girls up socially will help alot more.

    i think you should start small at first rather than trying to mix. just try a swipe of SoE behind each ear or wherever you prefer and just try that out.

    the big part is starting up a conversation with them so your close enough for the phero\'s to work. gotta put alot of work into this stuff. but if good things happen in result its well worth it [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ya know?

    just my 2 cents.

    all your base are belong to us -god-

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    He\'s right Curious. Try using the mones at clubs or bars. Keep wearing them to work too. And talk more to women. I bet you\'ll start getting more hits then. Ask someone out for an afterwork drink, see what happens. Phero make no promises but the ball is a little further in your court when you wear them. And if you\'re out, approach women. Trust me, it works. I would try JBDD #1 myself. Since you have SOE and NPA, mix up JB #1 and wear SOE with it. First try JB #1 alone then with SOE. This may solve your problem.

    -The Bat

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    Default Re: OK WHAT THE HELL??!?!

    I agree with chummy, pheros are just door openers you still need to some work. I believe a got 2 hits using a sort of homebrew SOE using a powdered pheros from the lab. What i did was to just initiate a 2 minute conversation, the next thing that i know is that the girl already talks about very personal things about here and then i realized that we have been talking for 3 straight hours. Remember this happened twice and i\'ve never seen anything like this in my life w/out pheros.

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    thanks guys, i think ill save my SOE and NPA for when i go out to the mall movies or parties or whatever... allthough one thing im wondering whats the difference between people in the mall and eating while im their waitor.... we\'ll c but im gona stop wasting my suppy, looks like it gets expensive

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