Morning ALL...

I\'ve been away from this board for a while but have used phero\'s on and off since last summer when I was introduced to them by Bruce\'s site and forum. I\'d say I\'m an average looking, Caucasian, slim/in-shape, male in my late 30\'s, currently living in NYC, Manhattan and have received a good percentage of hits presently and in the past from using a combination (separately applied) of Attraction and Alter Ego. (I\'ll give some detail to the hits/responses received at the end of the post --sorry for it\'s over all length)

I\'ve recently realized that I was \"under dosing\" in fear of the dreaded \"over dose syndrome\" (OD) and have seen a difference when I increased the application. I even plan to use a larger dose in the future since both products have low levels/content of the \'dominant alpha male\' androsteNONE pheromone and include a balance of the more \'playful approachable attractant\' androsteNOL pheromone. I\'m beginning to wonder if having a large amount of the ...NOL type phero in your mix counters the feeling of unapproachability that is magnified when one wears too much of the ...NONE phero which can create very negative experiences in large doses?

Well, anyway... I\'m looking to make another purchase and have a few questions to ask the board. Please forgive in advance any redundancy on a subject that may have been covered already but the forum has grow tremendously and I have not or may never actually have the time to read through it all.

My initial thought is to purchase a Chemistry Kit and mix up each of the three pheromones separately in either an ethanol base (sprays) or oil base (drops/dabs) with a relatively high content so applications would be minimal. Then I can apply each individually in different amounts, covered by one of my favorite colognes, to test the best ratio for my own chemistry, personality, and age group.

However, that being said there also seem to be many new interesting products on Bruce\'s virtual shelves which can accomplish the same idea to a large degree. So I\'m still undecided at present regarding my next order.

In the mean time though, I\'d appreciate any thought to the following questions that have been rattling around in my now phero obsessed brain...

Has anyone mixed NPA or Androstenone Fragrance Additive (AFA) or both with (into) Attraction? Unfortunately Bruce has told me Stone Lab, the manufacturer of AFA, has not released the ratio content or balance of both the NONE and NOL contained with in it. Although, it does contain 3mg\'s of total pheros, breaking down to .4mg/ml which might lead to a nice mix if done at the right proportions.

Is Scent of Eros (SoE) an oil/ethanol mix similar to Stone Lab\'s Alter Ego (AE) or is it some type of other base? I\'ve noticed people complaining that it\'s very thin.

Aside from variables regarding weather/temperature and sweating, do the thicker oil based products last longer on the skin as opposed to ethanol or alcohol based sprays? I\'m also wondering if the difference has a result in the type, quality, and amount of hits one receives using a product. An alcohol/ethanol base might be responsible for the greater degree of hits (noted on this forum) with an alcohol based androsteNONE product like NEW Phero Additive (NPA) rather than some of the other oil based products with the same type of pheromone ...NONE content.

On that same subject about similar products with the same pheromones and content... is the new Rogue Male (RM) by Stone Lab oil, ethanol or a mix of both? Why is it Primal Instinct is toted as being the most potent and receives some of the most hits as well as praise when there are other products with the same ...NONE content? Is this because of the quality of pheromones used?


My first real MAJOR hit came at the end of last summer at a restaurant in East Hampton, Long Island, NY. I actually met my parents there for a late lunch and was dressed casually in faded jeans, black boots and a black T-shirt. I looked OK I guess, had a light tan at the time. I had applied both Attraction and Alter Ego about 4 hours earlier, in fairly large doses and covered it with an essential oil mix I had made using vanilla, sandalwood, and vetiver. The scent was sweet, woody, and earthy yet very subtle which was what I wanted that particular day. Well, the waitress serving the opposite section we unfortunately chose happened to be a very beautiful young girl! It was so obvious that she was attracted to me that my father kept looking at me and laughing. She would seem to make excuses (rearranging table settings that were already set) to walk by, always smiling, wanting eye contact and attempting to get my attention. As blatant as it was I was still uncertain and settled in my own insecurity because of how pretty she was! This never happens to me, believe me it\'s far from the norm in my life. Thinking back I still have trouble accepting it and regret not following up on it. What puzzles me though is that our own waitress who was a little older and not as attractive apparently did not respond to the pheromones I was wearing... at least not in a way that was noticeable to me?

More recently, every time I wear them (Attraction and AE), I continue to get huge compliments on the cologne I use as a cover. Lately I\'m wearing \'Chrome\' again for the summer and at first my mom kept mentioning about how nice I smell, then my sister said something as well. Next an ex-girlfriend I\'ve managed to remain friends with went crazy over my scent when I ended up meeting up with her one night a few weeks ago also wearing Attraction, AE, and Chrome. We hadn\'t seem each other in almost a year and she continued to comment all night on how different I looked, how great and long my hair had become, and how amazing I smelled. For the record I looked absolutely the same, nothing dramatic had changed other than some new clothes and the pheros [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Wearing the same combination, I met up with her a month later to drop something off. Once again, she couldn\'t refrain from mentioning how good I smelled, and upon leaving made a significant gesture by touching my hand in a certain way letting me know her interest. This all from a girl who I was convinced had no feeling for me in that way anymore?

Lastly, I went to an appointment I had early in the week also wearing the same combo as previously stated (why mess with what\'s working) and although I did notice a slight change in this one girls professionalism I hadn\'t realized the full effect until the secretary asked me on the way out what cologne I had been wearing. After I answered, she replied with, \"Cause your driving all the girls here crazy!\"

Next I\'m going to try using a different cologne, maybe \'Armani Emporio He\' or possibly \'Oduer 71,\' to convince myself it\'s the pheros and not the particular scent I\'ve been wearing. I might even increase the pheromone dose just to see how far I can push it but not until I\'m sure it\'s the mones instead of the cologne.

Whew! Looong post... again I apologize for not keeping it short.

Thanks for reading...