I\'m definitely thinking of returning PI/M and getting SOE and NPA instead. This
past week\'s results aren\'t good at all, if not to say nonexistant.

I dabbed 2 drops of Primal behind my ears and went to Borders again. This time an hour
after I had applied it. Struck up a conversation with half a dozen people, including men.
Sat next to people. Stood next to people. All acted as if I wasn\'t wearing anything. Next
day. This time I intentionally overkill to just get some_kind_of_reaction. I dab 4 drops
on both arms, two drops behind ears, and 2 drops around my neck, and head for Wal-Mart.
But I\'m not alone, I drag a guinea pig along: my 14 year old sister.

To get an idea of the effective range, I walk past her, quickly, slowly, facing, from behind.
I ask her if she can smell the pheremone under my cologne. Each time she confirmed she
could. She could almost instantly smell it when I was 10 feet away. At 15 feet, she couldn\'t
smell it buy she could feel an intensity in her sinuses. I spend 2 hours making touch and goes
and striking up conversations. Passed by a woman in her late 20\'s at the card area, stood next
to her, made some small-talk. As if i wasn\'t wearing anything. Passed by a dozen
others. No looks, no reactions, no sniffing the air. Absolutely zilch.

After about 2 hours of doing this, fatigue was setting in and I was ready to give up. But I forgot
God is a comedian, so he endeavoured to remind me again. Just when I\'m about to give up, this
girl who looked like a portrait of a stereotypical cheerleader: 5\'9\', long blonde hair, blue eyes,
slightly tanned, athletic figure, and about 18 years old walks past me, I start to walk with her.
More than anyone else, she looked like she was almost sensing something, and then she drops
something right next to me. This final time, I\'m going to try two small drops tomorrow, and
apply a very light amount of cologne, and see what happens. In any case, I\'ve seen no noticable
response whatsoever, even when overdosing.

Still there is very little - if anything - to indicate Primal Instinct is having any kind of effect
whatsoever on anyone. If anything it does, at any dosage, is make people anti-social. If all the
reports I\'ve read are any indication, I can understand why PI hits are few and far between. I
can see how it might have a direct effect on someone maybe in a direct situation, but this is
no magnet.

Hopefully, soon, I\'ll understand why NPA/SOE combinations aren\'t...

- Louis