One small drop on my right arm. One small drop on my left. One drop behind my ears. One drop
wiped around my neck, followed by a few sprays of CK One on each area.

I\'m 20, 5\'8, 190 lbs, stout build. Goatee.

I came, I saw, and I have this fleeting suspicion that I made that whole bookstore very nervous.
It was two days since the little bottle had came, dabbed a drop on both arms, and learned just
how easily women can pick it up. My aunt was appalled by it, she said it had an intense ammonia
like smell, a combination of cat urine and body odor. My 14 year old sister could also smell
it, but less intensely (for some reason this has still yet to be explained). By the second day,
she had already had it with me, complaining of headaches whenever she was around me and the overwhelming smell whenever she stepped into my room, which I was completely unaware of.

Borders Books & Music was the place for this first test. Its an ideal location: the air is thin and
the temperature hovers around 73f, allowing excellent transfer of smells. The variety of targets,
and the fact the many isles allow you to stand next to or initiate a conversation with basically
any target without being obvious.

First Attempt. I spotted two females, a middle-aged woman and a younger one, around 18, at
the Travel section muttering things to themselves. Both were overweight and ugly, but I
briskly passed them anyway, and positioned myself at an ajoining isle and pretended to scan books.
No stares. No instant perking or locking of eyes, no fidgeting around, no reaction whatsoever.
Nothing to indicate I was the biggest, hairyest, smelliest, and therefore sexiest domesticated
primate at Borders that day. I turn around, and proceed to walk away, just then, I hear something
fall. I turn around again. The younger one had dropped the book. I continue walking, barely able to
contain my laughter. Was the Primal Instinct the culprit? She didn\'t seem to be aware of me. There
was no lock-on effect. I don\'t consider this a valid reaction, but notable nonetheless.

Second attempt. I make a few passes at a tall 20\'ish female employee. Zero. Zilch. I go up and
initiate a conversation about an application (hahahaha!), remembering to keep a positive,
friendly, earnest disposition. Her manner is perfectly normal. We proceed to front desk and
she hands me an application. After 20 seconds of small-talk, as she addresses another
customer, I hear her apologise that \"I\'m sorry, my mind is somewhere else\" fumbling with
the computer. Was Primal breaking her concentration? Where was her mind? In my pants?
If it was, she wasn\'t about to let me know it.

Third attempt. I spot a tall thin punk/gothchick in the childrens books section, about 18, toying
with a talking book. I pass her. No reaction. Later, as I\'m sitting on the couch, she passes me two
times from 10 feet away, each time eyeing me briefly. Eventually, she takes a seat ajacent to
me, but leaves after her mother calls her. I still can\'t tell whether the Primal is working or

Third attempt. I pass a young woman in her 20\'s in the self-help section. I stand nearby, and
she walks away. She does this a second time when I get close. An hour later, I do this a third
time, she briefly looks directly at me, then leaves. Its confusing how it seems to have
some kind of effect, but nobody is aware of it. Moreover, nobody is aware of me.

Fourth attempt: I notice a large, middle-aged Jewish woman in the occult section with her
husband on the other side of the isle talking to her. She seems outgoing, so I walk around to
the side of the isle she\'s on. After a few moments mulling over books, I start up a conversation.

\"Ever read this one?\", I point to a black book. She responds by saying, \"He\'s a cool guy\", and
she continues to talk. She is normal, relaxed, she tells me she practices numerology and is a
\'consultant\', I notice nothing out of the ordinary in her mannerisms except she seems almost
spaced-out as she remarks about different points of view. No prolonged eye-contact, warmpth,
but I get the feeling she wants to chat.

Probably the most notable reaction was from an overweight, middle-aged woman who I
previously passed and overheard mentioning Alabama (and who I tried to avoid passing
a second time - she talked like Forrest Gump). She asks me if I\'m looking for something,
because \"I look like I am\". She is new, and I inform her that I\'ve been a customer for 3
years. She introduces herself, extending her hand, which I shake. I try to break off the chat
when I see a much more attractive target heading towards the music section, but she
continues. I end it with a polite thank you.

Fifth attempt: I approach the fairly screwable 20-something in shorts and a red shirt, and
pass by her. She walks away towards the entrance.

Observations so far: The predominant reaction isn\'t attraction. The two women that I did notice
somewhat of a reaction, the punk and the employee from Alabama, I would class in the \"masculine\" catagory - e.g, women that might find alpha males, or aggressive and combative than \'sensitive\',
intelligent, or introspective men, attractive.

I don\'t know whether i\'m overdosing or not because absolutely no outward change in people was
noticed, except maybe an increased willingness to talk. One thing I did notice was that my
self-confidence felt oddly elevated, despite the lack of reaction.. I felt raunchy, expressive
and loud. Later, I felt an increased sex drive.

I\'ve read reports with combinations using NPA/APC (ala JB#1) and SOE, but very little about
Primal Instinct, yet its considered one of the most effective formulations. From reading the
reports, the former seem to put you in a much different air around people than wih Primal

Am I incorrect in assuming woman who find the star quarterback, the sweaty, unkept,
rock star, the sports hero, the professional wrestler, are the ones who react positively
to an androstenone-laced male? In any case, further experimentation is required.

Regarding JB#1, I\'m suprised nobody has used a 80% Nol 20% None combination. Suffice it
to say:

Nol = James Bond, Will Smith.
None = Silvester Stallone, Steven Segal.

Oh well, just my $70.

- Louis