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    So, Ive been useing realm, pheromone, M, and tons of old pheromone colognes for like 8yrs, but never even thought about looking for anything eles, was doing fine with these otc bs.So last week while surfing I comeon to a site see some APC cheap cheap so ordered some, knowing pheromones work any way I went ahead to a search engine and ordered a bunch of diffrent things from different sites figureing Id experiment sence there are so many options availible.Mean time I piss off one of my favorite local bartenders really bad, being drunk and a little stupid I tell him \"next week Ill change your life\" hes curious, but I say no more planing to give him some of my one night stand or some $10 bottle of bs when it comes right.................So yesterday my first product shows up APC I dap some on grab a magazine and head to a bar Im reading right this hot chick comes in sits down 1 seat away from me and starts fin winking at me youve got to be kidding, I look around and every girl in the bar is playing with their hair, or looking at me wholly s Im the gd Alfa Male unbelieveable.So I chat this chick up 24 studying to be a doctor tells me her life story not letting me get a word in but occationally touching my knee or hand, long story short, I went to the bathroom, and put more on and when I came back she got alittle bit aggressive towards me but still loveing me she was conflicked abit I think oded 4sure or she may have been on the rag either way I let her pay for my drinks and moved on.So here is my delema I told this local bartender/friend I would change his life but there is no way in hell Im gonna change his life like this I was so used to my over the counter bs I had no Idea the power of this stuff, so I need some advice on what I can give him as a tip next week that someone would say oh Ill give you something that will change your life about, because my local bartender is the last guy that I would ever let in on this club, any suggestions?????

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    OK, stop, breathe, count to ten.....good. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img] OK, from what I can get out of this, it doesn\'t seem that you and this bartender are very friendly towards each other, and it seems you are asking whether you should tell him about the pheromones? I\'d say NO, do not let him in on your secret, it will #1 increase your immediate competition (unless you\'re OK with that, and Alphas are usually NOT OK with that), and #2 this guy may get pissed about it and spill your phero secret to some fine females while you\'re not looking, or something equally as devious. On the Net, we share info on how to meet ladies, our own secrets for successful pick-ups, etc., but it is NEVER a good idea to share your trade secrets with your competition, because it will come back and bite you in the ass almost immediately! [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

    \'Slinger out.

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