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    Default help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE READ/

    PLEASE TAKE the time and read this. This is a HUGE problem. if anyone can help me out..GREAT! this drives me so insane i even want to move out of my house just because of this...=================

    I never really cared and thought about this problem I had. Wait a problem waiting to untie.
    Im an asian male. Im currently 16 years old.

    My problem is smelling pretty weird.

    I shower everyday.
    My hair smells fine. Shampoo+Conditioner. (check) and I use the body shampoo from bath & Body works. Great.
    I get out of the bathroom and I can instantly smell what we ate yesterday, etc. Asian food has a fowl stench.
    it taste good but its hard to get the smell out of places u dont want to. More specifically my closet/room/
    and my clothes.

    I wash my clothes a lot.
    Every Sunday and every wednesday.
    My close smells real nice and fresh when I take it out of the dryer. (I wish I can just leave my clothes
    in the dryer [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img])

    but unfortunetly other clothes get washed and in the dryer too so my mom forcefully puts my clothes in my stinky closet.
    Once it gets in the closet it begins to lose its nice out of the dryer smell. I share closets with my mom.
    she has so much clothes she gets from her sisters from Korea it builds up in my closet.

    The clothes she gets isnt the simple t-shirts. Its those huge winter coats. we split closets 50/50.
    I dont have much clothes so im like only using 10-20 %. my mom uses the rest for clothes she will probably never
    wear but occasionally does every year. I dont think she washed those clothes. Cuz she never wears em.
    and its hard to get those clothes washed because your average washing machine cant.

    I don\'t know what to do. Ive tried air fresheners(4 of those can shaped ones). All it does is smell like
    air fresheners mixed with that nasty asian smell. And it does no good to the clothes. All it does is layer
    the smell. Which can easily be achieved by spraying cologne.

    I want her clothes out but she wont let me. I might try what my friends, etc. recomment. Spraying a odor
    type thing called \"FeBreeze\". They say it will get rid of the odors in my closet. my clothes/my moms. and my room.
    But I dont know if it will layer it like previously air fresheners.

    I was thinking about getting an air purifier system for my closet. But those are really pricy and I dont know if it
    would work for my cases. Help me out its a big time in my life and I have to deal with smelling like nasty asian
    scent/food. which isnt PLEASANT AT ALL. and i dont want any friends over(not asian) cuz my house has that funny
    asian smell also. The food smell crawls up the stairs and enters my room even if the door is closed and has a
    ceiling fan up and running.

    help tell me what to do! I want to smell fresh and my clothes smell fresh! Please ANY advice would be great!!!
    (and i know girls like guys that smell fresh right out of the shower. but I have a GOOD feeling they dont want
    to be smelling the asian scent from their shirts. I mean i DO wash it a lot but it picks up the scent...

    again please help out.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE READ/

    That\'s a tough one.

    Is there someplace that you can hang your clothes away from the closet....say in another room? I\'m guessing not, or you probably would have done that already. But, that\'s the first thing I would suggest, try to find some other place that you can hang your clothes.

    Otherwise, I know that baking soda is supposed to work real well for soaking up odors in the refrigerator. I\'ve used it in my car a few times when I had an odor in there. Howevever, if your closet is real large, it would probably take a lot of baking soday. But, if you\'re willing to give it a shot....and it\'s a long shot I must could try buying maybe 10 boxes of baking soda and setting the OPEN boxes in the closet...and keep the door closed to help the boxes soak up the odor.

    I don\'t know if that would work....but it\'s my best shot just brainstorming right now.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE READ/

    it is a big closet. and ive tried to place my clothes someplace else. but my room smells the best out of my whole house so i cant really put it somewhere else. I tried the garage but it picks up another weird smell too.

    I dont know about baking soda. how is that suppose to work? i thought that stuff smelled. i wish i had lived in an american household. they never have to worry about things like this..

    any other suggestions? like the febreeze working?

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    I would save up for a good ion generating air cleaner. They are great for getting rid of smells. Coffee grounds are also amazing for that too. You might be better off smelling like coffee.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    Some of my buddy\'s use Ozone generators(can be expencive and dangerous if overused in a unventelated area. Another buddy of mine swears that Listerine mouthwash works great he puts a glass full of it in his van every once in a while and says that it \"eats up all the odors\". But the tryed and true odor eliminator that is pretty cheap is Arm & Hammer baking soda. Just some idea\'s....oh yeah fabreeze is supposed to get rid of oder not cover it but it does have a smell of it\'s own.


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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    wow thanks for all the advice.

    i am gonna try the following.

    a)this friday i am going to buy a crap load of febreeze.
    come home. empty closet. spray all over in closet. get a few fans running up in the closet.
    then get the clothes and spray febreeze on each and every clothing. (rather smell like an air freshener period then a nasty asian smell)

    then spray febreeze all over the furniture in my closet. all in my room. keep the place ventilated with one ceiling fan all day and one small fan in the closet.

    b)if that doesnt work....i am clueless what to do with baking soda. and like i mom wants her \"extra\" clothes left their. and i also found out the smell i get from my room is yes her clothes. i know the problem but have bypass it somehow... maybe i might reason with her to put her smelly clothes somewhere else. or put it in a box or something. all her clothes literally stink up my closet and room and im getting pretty pissed.

    c)last resort is putting my clean shirts (leaving them) in the dryer. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] and I wont have to worry about other clothes getting in the dryer cuz it makes sense to put my clothes last in the dryer. when a batch of clothes gets washed ill simply wash my shirts last and leave it in the dryer [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

    **i dont really care much if my closet smells pretty weird. but i care how i smell...this is a weird weird post. i know i can always trust adults for their mature responses. if i asked my friends...lets just leave it at that :P

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    LOL .....

    Franki [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    drycleaners have long plastic bags that they put over clothing. maybe putting your mom\'s clothing in something like that would keep the smell from getting out into your closet?

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    I know people who swear by FeBreeze, the adverts claim it traps odors, or something. It\'s supposed to be really effective though. You might even want to spray it on clothes fresh out of the dryer, or that are already in the closet (ie. your mum\'s clothes) it shouldn\'t damage them, but im not sure.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    Baking soda is good and cheap but you might also try activated charcoal. You can get it from a tropical fish store in bulk. I\'d spread it out in a plate or on a screen; using fans to circulate the air might also help. Another Norte Americano trick is to use a bag of cedar chips - they have a very pleasant odor that also repels moths.

    As another poster mentioned, putting your mom\'s clothes in a plastic bag sounds like a great idea - buy her some telling her it\'s a great way to preserve her clothes.

    Finally, are you the only one complaining about the smell? Do others mention that your clothes smell too? You might just be hyper-sensitive - that happens sometimes during adolensce or due to some medications. I had a minor out-patient surgery once but I was under full anethesisia; two days later the house seemed to have an overwhelming odor that was just aweful! It passed after a day.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    I used to put a damp towel at the bottom of the door to keep smells (mostly cigarettes) from leaving the room.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    Heres what I think as a few other people in thread have already mentioned.

    Baking Soda - Just put an open box or two or ten inside the closet. Its awesome at absorbing odors. *whispers* psst, cooking with baking soda WILL NOT make any food odorless. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Febreeze - Great at getting rid of odors but at the cost of smelling like....well Febreeze. Dont get me wrong, Febreeze smells good but its....well Febreeze.

    Charcoal - This also works well at absorbing odors. *note* <font color=red>DO NOT</font color=red> use the kind of charcoal used for BBQ\'s...especially the \'Ready to Light\' kind [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Cedar Chips - Good at removing odors and having a nice natural fresh scent but not as effective as baking soda. STOP! A regular log from your neighbors backyard will not me.

    Cat Litter - Yep...even if you dont have a cat this stuff works wonders. Keep in mind you must open the bag of cat litter....leaving it sealed in the closet will do you no good. No, you dont put cat litter inside the pockets either. Just put it in a box as if you had a cat. *Hey, you can even pretend you have an imaginary cat* Now if you start feeding this imaginary cat with real psychiatric help.

    Humidifier - This one is probably the most effective but also the most expensive. It cleaned my Grandma\'s house from smelling like 50 years of cigarette smoke and BenGay. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

    Potpourri/Incense - These dont really remove odors but they sure do smell good. Can be used in combination with any of the above. Wait wait you cant light the cedar chips or charcoal and use them as incense okay. Nor will putting an Orange, an Apple, and a flower from outside in the corner of closet work as potpourri.

    Garage/Yard Sale - Probably the best solution to the problem but the one with the most repercussions. Prepare to get your ass beat and also get grounded for a few months if you go this route. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    I\'d also suggest you look into clothing bags for your clothes. Higher-end stores (Nordstoms, Neiman-Markus, etc). With these you can wash and dry your clothes, and then put them straight into the bags which are plastic and almost completely sealed (all but the top where the hanger goes through.) You can also toss in cedar blocks or some other form of air freshener. Worst case, consider storing you clothes someplace else -- a box outside, for example.

    My parent\'s smoked when I was growing up, so I feel for ya. Same problem.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    You might want to try a product called Country Morning that has been discussed on this forum. Can\'t you cut a deal with your Mom to get your own space to hang your cloths? I know what you mean because as a teen I was very aware of girls with family odors from cooking etc. Some would clean up look very spiffy but still smell like garlic, even cowbarn. They were not aware that odor was often on their nose hairs and not noticeable until very close encounter.
    Good Luck, you can overcome this difficulty.

    Elk Dreamer

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    how much do these clothing bags cost? id like to get one of those. and i switched my moms clothes with my dads. and its a lot better.

    because a) icouldnt wash my moms clothes
    b)i could wash my dads clothes

    so this weekend or tomorrow i am going to buy some febreeze.

    empty out my closet entirely. spray febreeze all inside my closet. and get fans running in their. leave fans running till all clothes are washed. which is going to take a while. and my problem is pretty much solved [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

    i really dont have any problems anymore about my room smelling. because all i do is open up my window and get the ceiling fan running up and another fan.

    i might also try the baking soda...
    thanks for all of your guys/gals responses. it really helped me a lot and I thought I was never going to overcome this problem(i might not...or i might who knows)

    ill keep u guys updated if my plan works.

    until then -peace

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    All the bags I\'ve recieved have been free with a purchase (new jacket, etc) so I\'d imagine they don\'t cost too much.

    Also, you could probably come close to the same thing by using dry cleaner\'s bags and just rolling up the bottom to seal it. Dry cleaning bags have got to be incredibly cheap (probably a few pennies each at most.)

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE READ/

    Instead of FreBreeze, you would be better of to go to a janitorial supply shop, and get industrial strength ordor fighter, like Freshscent or Bann-O or SmokeOut. I use these products at work and they remove all ordors. Can be used straight out of the bottle or mixed with water, and can be sprayed all over the house (just not in your closet). Or try white vinager - just place a full glass in a corner.

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    Default Re: help!asian smell need to get rid of PLEASE REA

    Put your shirts in a cedar chest. I bought one from the JC Penney catalog a few years back - they sold them unfinished, pretty cheap - pine truck, cedar lined. Everything I put in there smells great when I take it out and the trunk keeps other smells from getting in.

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