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    Iam brand new to this forum and I have a question which I hope is noy \"off topic\" so to speak. I have not tried any of these products yet that I\'ve heard so much about but I have heard of a product simply called \"Androstenone\" and my question is if anyone else has used that either alone or with one of this company\'s pheromone products and what the result was. Thanks for any input.

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    nope, never heard of it. Maybe you\'re confusing it with a dietary supplement..i think there is one with a similar name out ther. Not sure though.

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    Ok, thank you for replying.

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    There is a product called \"Androstenone\" and it is availabe from this website.

    Other alternatives:

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    Default Re: question from newbie

    Unless I\'m mistaken, you\'re referring to \"Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate\",commonly referred to as \"APC\" within these virtual walls. APC is available through the Love-Scent site,(linked below),and other Pheromone sites around the web.I\'ve not tried APC yet,but it sounds good to me.Good Luck!

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