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    Default Single Location for Special Mix Formulas?

    I\'ve only been reading this board for a week now...and I keep seeing all of these special mixes with the special names...JB#1, DD#1 etc.

    I\'ve tried some of these....but there seem to be so many of them and it\'s hard to track them all down and keep up with them.

    Is there one location on this board where all these special mixes are posted as a reference point? If not, then maybe there should be. In addition to listing all the special mixes, it might be nice if it included some brief description of the general effects that the mix normally friendliness, DIHL etc. A nice reference guide would be quite helpful.

    Just a thought. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Single Location for Special Mix Formulas?

    upsidedown: I\'m already writing a single reference guide (one might call it an howto [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] ) about all mixes that have been presented, tested and discussed here at the forum, along with some mixing tricks... I hope to post it as soon as possible, even if in these days I hardly have a minute to sit down at the keyboard and finish the work [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    Anyway, the job is most done, expect it to come out within this week!

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    Default Re: Single Location for Special Mix Formulas?

    From what I got from thread searches, these are the most talked about mixes.

    JB #1:
    7:3 APC and NPA

    JB #2:
    7:3 SPMO and NPA

    7:3 PI/w and NPA

    3:1 RM and NPA

    1:1 APC and TE

    DD #1:
    7:3 SOE and NPA

    Perhaps someone can provide the brief descriptions.

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    Default Re: Single Location for Special Mix Formulas?

    I feel i might be contradicting Nimbus\' efforts, but here\'s a brief description:

    JB#1: Combines the great smell of APC with the power of NPA, and its secret ingredients. Has been reported to achieve great hits, mostly sexual.

    JB#2: Not tried it, but im guessing it has a similar effect, with the added friendliness of -nol, even it is a bit limited in this mix.

    JBM: Again, not tried it, but similar to above.

    JBX: erm...its meant to be 7:3, but my experiment ended up at 3:1. Its still in trials, so keep checking the threads for updates, but its already being compared to a JB#1 substitute, but i think it is something a bit more special.

    JBB: A nice mix, basically a diluted and therefore cheaper version of JB#1, (hence the \"Bootleg\"). Had similar hits to JB#1, but not as good.

    DD#1: I hear good things about this mix, and have tried it inadvertantly a few times with good results. Using the high concentraions of SOE\'s -nol and NPA\'s -none(+other stuff), a good combination.

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    Default Best Prospect?

    I think JBX has the most potential of the new mixes - I\'ve ordered a new bottle of NPA to mix with some of my remaining stock of RM to give JBX a try. But then I\'m a None-happy kinda guy.

    What do you get when you cross-breed a Camry (RM) with a Corvette (NPA)? - a BMW (I hope).

    I\'m not too enthusiatic about Rone as in SoE although most people don\'t have a noticable problem with it. I can report that SPMO does enhance chattiness - I\'ve been wearing a couple of drops on the forearms and back of the hands at work and have had groups of co-workers hanging around and getting into bull sessions. I might also try JB#2 while I\'m at it.

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    Default Re: Best Prospect?

    Well SOE was i used to simply substitute SPMO and others suggested PI(W). The rone well i dunno about that but for some it seems to do something so why not the responses here have been mostly positive as expected it hasnt worked for some but most which is all we can hope for.

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