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    Default New User - First Use Experience

    I just received my first order today....just before I was about to go out to lunch. BTW, thanks Bruce for the quick response in getting my product to me.

    I decided to start out by going to a Mexican food restaurant that I go to occassionally. They have a really attractive hostess there....and I was hoping she would be there working again today as a test.

    First, let me say that hvaing been reading all the posts on here about OD\'s and BO smells, I was getting kind of nervous about using the products. However, when I actually smelled the products, they were actually a lot more mild and pleasant than I had anticipated. I guess I had just built up in my mind these strong horrible smells where people could smell me coming a block away. But, all of the products are pleasant in terms of smell in my opinion. .

    I ordered the SOE gel packs, NPA, Rogue Male, and the SPMO. I also have some APC coming from another source that I ordered before I found the love scent site. It hasn\'t arrived yet, but I\'m also anxious to try it with the NPA. I\'m just anxous to experiment with all the different types of pheromones and see how reactions compare.

    I thought I\'d start with the SOE for my first experience as I really liked the smell of it...quite pleasant, and put maybe 2/3 of a gel pack on my arms, chest and neck. After putting that much on I realized that it was probably just a bit too much and I probably could have gotten by with a little less. But that\'s what I had on. Being as I had other products and was tempted to use them all at once :-) I also added just a tiny dab of the SPMO on the neck...probably not even enough to matter. So, I was basically going with the SOE on this one.

    I went to eat by myself. When I go to the restaurant, the extremely attractive hostess was there. She\'s seated me several times in the past and it was always just business like. She never spoke to me or even gave me a second notice. But today, when I came in, she smiled at me right away when she saw me. I made it a point to put my arms (covered with SOE gel) up on her hostess stand to help her get a whiff. I told her I wanted non soking and also made mention that there seemed to be plenty of open tables.

    BTW, I should mention that I am 43, this hostess is probably 20. But, she started chatting with me right away, talking about the main section being closed for cleaning, and taking me to another area where she asked me where I wanted to sit. I said I wasn\'t sure..and she immediately took me to the corner because she said that \"this area is much cooler..\" not as hot because of the air conditioner. Well, already she was smiling and talking to me, and this was already so different than I\'ve ever experienced with her in past visits to this restaurant. . Like I said, in the past, it was always just businesslike, and she would seat me and not say anything.

    But then, a few minutes later, I saw her walking up from beside and behind me, and I couldn\'t resist taking a look at her coming by. When I looked over at her, I noticed that she was just staring right at me as she walked my direction...but when she saw me look over at her she didn\'t look away, but instead just smiled real big at me and continued to look and smile at me until she passed by.

    Then, a few minutes later, as she seated someone near me, I saw her look back over her shoulder and take a quick glance at me before she left. This time she did look away quickly when she noticed that I was looking at her.

    So, this was my first experience. It could have been a coincidence...but then again this woman has never shown this kind of behavior to me in the past. And, there were very obvious signs of her staring and smiling at me.

    So, now I\'m excited to go out and try it again. The experience with this -nol product did seem to give the the friendly response that others has reported on here.

    BTW, can anybody tell me how long this SOE gel should last as far as the pheros working? And, can anybody tell me which kinds of pheromones the SPMO contains? I\'m gathering from other posts that it contains some -nol, but does it have any -none in it?

    Thanks for reading. I know this wasn\'t a major hit or anything compared to what a lot of you have no doubt experienced. But being as I did experience a noticible change of behavior on my first trial run, I just felt the need to say something about it on here.

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    Wow. And I thought I had long posts. Anyhow, from all of my trials on SOE I believe I think that the effects last about 4-6 hours for me. It all depends on what the conditions are like where you are at.

    I remember that my first hit with SOE was pretty much after I put it on, unlike the PI/m that I was testing out. Anyhow it was with a very quiet 16 yr old fellow lifeguard with the obvious nickname of \"Mouse\". Within a couple of minutes of me sitting down in the office all of my fellow guards were in the office carrying on hilarious conversation . . . and there she was chattering away, saying more in a few minutes than I have heard from her in the past six months![img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    SPMO should only have -nol in it. Anyhow good luck and have fun with your phero use!

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    SPMO smells bad. but combine SOE with that NPA and you will get more than just smiles, i guarantee! in all the products i tried, NPA mixed with SoE is the best one, always new things happening whenever i wear it.

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    Thanks for the advice. So how do you combine the SOE and NPC? Do you mix them in any ratio, or do you put the SOE and NPC on you separately? And, how much of the NPC and SOE do you get good results with? Is a couple of dabs of the NPC about right?

    Thatnks for your input. I\'m ready to try this combo out.

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    combine SOE and NPA in somewhere along a
    2:1 or 3:1 ratio
    that\'s between 33% - 25 % NPA
    that should work well. Then just roll it on. And keep the roller bottle handy and apply when needed. how old are you?

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    Hey, thanks for the advice JPGR.

    I am 43 years old. I am looking to mainly attract women in the 32 to 40 age group. Do you have any additional suggestions based on my age and those I\'m targeting?

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    The nol-heavy products are consistent and give the friendly/approachable/talkative effect you described. I find the SOE cover scent does fade and I usually apply a cologne refresher after several hours out. But it\'s pretty hard to od on nol unless you get crazy with it. For a date scenario where you already know you\'ll be close, you can\'t beat a conservative application of the nol-based products.

    None products, and especially NPA/TE (same product -different concentrations) are a different animal altogether. The effects are more volatile, and it\'s much easier to od and smell like a goat if you overdo it. But if you\'re after overt sexual come-ons this stuff is amazing - I\'ve had women young enough to be my children crawling all over me when wearing a couple of sprays of TE before. It also has the ability to repel some women, so I usually only wear NPA in a bar scene where I\'ve got nothing to lose and don\'t care if I scare some of them off. You can mix NPA directly with your cologne in small batches, or apply SMALL amounts of NPA directly to your body/clothes.

    Cologne coverage is a must IMO for none products. I like to apply one small drop of NPA to my hair, and about twice that much nol as well - over a few sprays of a good long-lasting cologne, and you\'re in business. Alternatively you can mix up whatever ratio you like and spray it in an atomizer - this causes a much stronger cloud of stuff around you, but it dissipates faster too. That may be a way to go in a crowded smoky club where you\'re trying to get attention. But for me I\'ve sorta adopted the more subtle drop-wise application, and maneuver myself close to the intended target to get the effect, instead of expecting her to smell me from across the room and be impressed.

    I like clean smelling colognes in general, and you may have to try a few to get one that blends with the pheros and suits your style. Standbys like Cool Water blend well esp. with nol and hold up well. Hugo is not my favorite scent, but boy does it cover pheros well and it lasts forever, plus it\'s cheap. Try what you already have and experiment - just about anything is better than that raw none wang when the cologne fades away…

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    Thanks for the feedback Irish.

    That\'s the real tricky part for me being new....deciding which product to try...nol or none. In particular, I have a party I\'m going to on Friday night (church group party...nothing wild) where there is going to be a woman there I\'m trying to make progress with. We went out once and had a nice time....but she hasn\'t shown any interest in going out with me again. I think to her the \"chemistry\" just wasn\'t there the first date.

    I\'m 43 and she\'s 34. She\'s kind of iffy as far as conversation...sometimes she\'ll be friendly and talkative with me and sometimes she doesn\'t have anything to say to me. I was thinking I\'d try some pheros at the party on Friday to see if it makes any difference in making comversation with her. We have a friendly I was kind of thinking that at her age and all that the none based product may be just exactly what she would respond as far as feeling \"chemistry\" with me. But, I\'m nervous about using it because of all the roports that people say it repulses some women. Also, I read where none can really cause women having their monthly period to be really irritable. I\'d like to try some none around her sometime...but I have no idea when to use it and fear I\'d use it at the wrong time of month and really cause her to feel there\'s \"bad\" chemistry between us. I don\'t want to experiment around women that I have an interest the stakes are a bit hight.

    So, I may just stick with my SoE and nol at the party Friday. That would probably be safe. Maybe I can get her in a chatty mood with it...and then if she seems to be friendly and feeling good I could go off and slip on a little none.

    I would welcome your suggestions on an approach like this for my party.

    Thanks for the feedback everybody has already given.

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    why don\'t you mix up SoE with NPA or TE?
    that should work
    like in a 3:1 ratio or something.

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    Maybe bruce could do a limited deal on NPA:SOE as the DD#1 mix i should rename it watchers mega mix lol.

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    Default Re: New User - First Use Experience

    Hey Watcher, that DD1 mix works really well. That mix has made my wife a more cheerful person when I wear it around her. I wore it at a friend\'s house once just testing it on stranger\'s and normally when I see his wife we just say hi and go about our merry ways but this time I believe due to DD1, she talked my head of the whole time and hardly gave her husband a chance to chat with me. I love that combo! Watcher\'s MegaMix rules!

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