Ladies and Gentlemen,

I like to think of myself as a good sport, so,when it comes my turn to eat my words,...STAND BACK! \'cause I\'ve come with an appetite,and there\'s LOTS to eat!

For some time I\'ve pissed all over APC,making fun of its Phero content and price per mg. of Phero etc.

Now I KNOW what all the fuss is about.I used the LAST of my NPA (had no idea I was so low) to mix up a \"Jambat\" mix.

Sprayed some on at work.Whoever it was who described APC as smelling soapy at first was SO on the money.But then,the MAGIC! It turned into just about the best smelling scent I\'ve ever worn. Gotta get some more NPA SOON!

I\'m not totally screwed because I got some AFA with my order.Mixed it with the APC just a little different than the standard 70/30, more like 2 to 1, APC to AFA (due to AFA\'S lighter A-None content).And THAT mix is ALSO INCREDIBLE!

I APOLOGIZE to all APC users,to the manufacturer,to Bruce, and to anyone who might have been put off APC by any comments I ever made.I would buy APC again even if I was told that it contained NO Pheromones AT ALL!

What IS that fragrance? I think I\'ve smelled it before when sniffing sample after sample of E-Oils at the Body Shop or at my local health food store.I\'m guessing that you could duplicate it, but at the price of most E-Oils,you\'d probably be better off just buying APC.

Wonder how it\'ll mix with P10?

I have seen the light! And I am now willing to graciously,even humbly accept any \"I Told You So\'s\" that anyone wants to dish out.