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    Default SandalWood/Super Primal Musk Oil

    Received my SPMO and SandalWood Edge yesterday. Applied as follows. 3 drops SPMO one for the wrists, 2 for each side of neck. And two sprays of SandalWood Edge combo w/cologne, (I mixed SWTE with cologne at a rate of 50/50 in an old TE bottle w/spray top) these two sprays were applied to the neck chest area, one to each side covering both naked skin of throat, and clothed chest area.

    Results very favorable. One fem whom I have chatted with in the past stopped by the bar area with her 2 other fem friends. (Note: they call themselves the 3 cabarellos) On no less than 4 occasions they came by the bar to order drinks and then the other two left and she just sat there talking the whole time twirling her hair etc. I am involved in a relationship right now, so all I did was engage her in a little verbal intercourse. But the DIHL was very present many times over the duration of our many conversations.

    Gave two sprays of the SW-TE mixture (secured in my mini atomizer)to a Barback friend before he went on break. He came back half hour later. And was just floored to the little responses he got while on break. (Bruce you will be getting more orders from this part of the world)
    So I would give this combo a big thumbs up. Anyone else have favorable results?

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    Bro got the mini atomizer working. That\'s what I\'m taking about.

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    Hey Jambat,

    Yes the atomizers are what ya need. I think Bruce is getting ready to get some for promotional and sale ....soon in the next few weeks or so.
    But yes they are what you need. Especially if you are going to apply after leaving the crib.

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    Default Re: SandalWood/Super Primal Musk Oil

    I find atomizers more economical and convenient than wipes. It also allows the luxery of mixing your own concoctions. It takes no more room up than a lipstick and it holds more doses than a dozen wipes. For the price of 3 wipes - you can get an atomizer.

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