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    Default New P.I. for women

    It seems we now have another product to experiment with, P.I. for women.

    According to Bruce it has 11 mg of Androstenol and some copulins. Bruce states that the copulins could increase testosterone level in us guys and seeing that once in a while an increase in testosterone could actually be beneficial (especially to us old foggies in our 40\'s).

    I like using P.I. for men on a daily basis not because I beleive that the women at work will drop head over heels for yours truly (APC + PI and now Jambat\'s APC + NPA come close to this effect) BUT because the guys at work, especially my boss, are acting more defferential and respectful (they\'ve always been) but now more so and I can only attribute that to my wearing the PI.

    Well I\'ll be putting my order next week, when payday rolls around.


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    Default Re: New P.I. for women

    I agree with Joe:

    PI for women will allow us men to make interesting combos: ie:
    PI(w) + TE
    Andro + PI(W)
    or even PI(W) + PI(M)??

    Should be an interesting few months [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: New P.I. for women

    my idea PI(W)+ andro+the edge and or alter ego

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