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    Default PI and Attraction

    I\'d thought I\'d post my experience with these two:

    a) PI. Makes you more antisocial, confident, lone wolfy, less caring

    b) attraction. Makes you more friendly, social, caring, talkative.

    Since I\'m a natural lone wolf, I found using b) excellent! Before I was using A) and it only worsened my condition.

    I think if you a natural gabber though that PI might be a better bet. But if your more on the lone wolf side like me Attraction fixes that syndrome.

    I guess it all comes down to the -nol for friendliness, and the -none for manly essence.

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    Default Re: PI and Attraction

    Ive been working out and now things are getting better and better, so for guys using this stuff a little bit of exercise will benefit you as well i recommend some of those EMS systems as far as workign out and also give the accelerated learning and NLP stuff a quick go over as well it is all benefical.

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    Default Re: PI and Attraction


    How are the PI and Attraction working for you in terms of their effects on the ladies?

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    Default Re: PI and Attraction


    I find with PI I tend to get older women approaching me as opposed to younger ones, and the responses tend to be a bit on the aggressive side; women may even get irritated easily. With Attraction I seem to get very friendly responses and find myself more at ease to converse.

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